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December 2023
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Resveratrol: A Potent Weapon Against Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol may be helpful in reducing the growth of prostate cancer cells and also provides a myriad of other health benefits.

According to the US Agricultural Research Service, the compound responsible for the so called “French Paradox” is proving to be a potent weapon against one of the deadliest killers around – prostate cancer.

The statement from the US ARS came about because of a study that was published in the medical journal Carcinogenesis. In the said study, in-vitro testing showed that prostate cancer cells actually died when they were exposed to the potent compound, resveratrol.

Throwing caution into the air

While it was true that cancer cell inhibition took place when the prostate cancer cells were exposed to the compound, it also increased the growth of blood vessels after the initial death of cancer cells, according to Thomas Wang, a researcher working for the Diet, Genomics and Immunology Laboratory of the US ARS.

The growth of extra blood vessels in the site of the prostate cancer was observed in laboratory animals who were genetically prone to developing prostate cancer.  Each of the animal subjects had been given 3 to 6 milligrams of the potent compound, which was equivalent to the amount of resveratrol found in six glasses of red wine.

What does this all mean?

According Wang, more research is needed to further substantiate the potential anti-cancer benefits of resveratrol.  He also stated there should be a clear focus on studying the effective dosage needed for cancer prevention as well as important factors such as interaction with other chemical compounds and timing.  In short – people shouldn’t be complacent with just taking large amounts of supplements.

The issue of overabundance

Nutrients (like vitamins, theanine and resveratrol) are still biological compounds, whether we like it or not.  With the proliferation of nutritional supplements in the market, it’s hard not to take extra doses of these supplements because of the health benefits.  Folic acid for one, is being taken in large amounts by people because of its numerous purported health benefits.

But did you know that too much of this nutrient can actually encourage the growth of cancer cells?

According to Joel Mason, a program director for the US ARS, cancer requires a very complex process in order to survive.  And one of the requirements for cell growth are nutrients like folic acid.

If you get more than four hundred micrograms of folic acid per day, you just might be encouraging the growth of cancer cells, instead of preventing it.

Too much folic acid can actually facilitate the DNA replication process necessary for the growth of cancer cells.  Watch what you eat – if you take a high-nutrient shake in the morning and eat folic-acid loaded snacks toward the end of the day, you just might be taking in too much of the nutrient.

Other benefits of resveratrol

1. Resveratrol helps promote a healthy heart by reducing oxidative stress and by improving blood circulation.  It also reduces the incidence of swelling or inflammation in the body’s tissues, as well as reduce unnecessary clotting in the blood vessels, which may lead to embolisms or even stroke.

2. In another study, it was shown that resveratrol prevented the initial processes required for cancer growth.

3. Studies show that resveratrol can help seniors by reducing the risk of neurological diseases and neural degeneration.

4. Coupled with calorie reduction, resveratrol can make a person resistant to many chronic and degenerative conditions such as heart diseases and even diabetes.

5. If used in conjunction with supplements like co-enzyme Q10 and omega 3 fatty acids, resveratrol can protect you from conditions like coronary heart disease.

6. Resveratrol has also been shown to reduce damage caused by stroke.


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