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February 2024
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Resveratrol: Nature’s Anti-Aging Molecule

Resveratrol, a naturally-occuring compound in wine, may help reduce cardiovascular disease and prolong life, new human study states.

Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring compound found in wines fermented from grapes.   This compound is a polyphenol and has been studied for many decades primarily because of the French Paradox: there is a low incidence of heart disease in France even though the French generally indulge in high-fat diets.

The French also smoke and drink a lot of wine throughout their lives.  One would expect that cardiovascular problems would be common, given the circumstances; however, something is keeping the French heart strong and healthy.  And according to Dr. Renaud, a French doctor from Bordeaux University, it was resveratrol that was to be given the credit.

Blood flow boost

In the United Kingdom, a human study (note – they used live human subjects for the test and not animals) researchers found out that 250 milligrams of resveratrol can help increase the blood flow to the brain, without producing any negative effects to a person’s cognitive capacity.  This fact alone, according to Dr. David Kennedy, signals a renewed interest in resveratrol and how it can affect vascular activity in the brain.

Another study from Harvard University showed that resveratrol was able to prolong the life of yeast cultures.  This study was done back in 2003, which actually helped increase resveratrol’s popularity with the media as a potential “eternal youth” pill.

Other studies showed that this polyphenolic compound was also capable of prolonging the life of other species such as mice and even nematodes.  What’s amazing about this compound is that it produces so many benefits and yet it’s just one type of molecule. It is as if Mother Nature designed resveratrol as a ‘heal-all’ for all living beings.

How much can you safely take?

It’s good to be always cautious and careful with anything that we ingest or consume.  Regular doses of resveratrol should not be given to children (that usually means kids below the age of 12) and pregnant or lactating women.  This is a general caution because there are still no conclusive studies done on the potential effects of this compound.

However, many researchers disagree with the warning about the dose.  According to James Betz, MD, tests show that at 1,000 mg of reseveratrol the polyphenolic compound failed to produce any significant negative effects to the test subjects.  Could it be possible that nature’s heal-all also doesn’t produce any side effects?

We leave this question open for the time being – it is up to medical researchers to prove or disprove.  But what we know now is this: resveratrol has a very big potential in prolonging the life of humans by protecting people’s hearts.  That is the main benefit and it is still the most interesting advantage to people who ingest resveratrol supplements.

Other benefits of resveratrol

This tough molecule does more than just protect the heart:

  1. Resveratrol reduces inflammation in the body, which might benefit a lot of people in the long term because many medical conditions produce inflammation in the skin, joints, muscles and other body tissues.
  2. Resveratrol reduces the incidence of blood clots, which may cause heart attacks, stroke, thrombosis, embolisms, etc.
  3. Resvertarol is a natural anti-oxidant that can rid the body of harmful free radicals.
  4. Resveratrol may also help in controlling cholesterol levels in the body (LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol is its main target).

Having a hard time with high blood pressure? This polyphenol has been associated with lower blood pressure, too!


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