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May 2024
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Poor Sleep Worsens Rheumatoid Arthritis Problems

// Rheumatoid Arthritis The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from viruses and other pathogenic organisms. But a disorder in the immune system can cause it to confuse healthy tissues and cells as foreign materials. This results to an autoimmune disease which leads to the development of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. [...]

Sleep Well and Stay Healthy

Alana Morris, MD, a fellow of cardiology at Emory University School of Medicine, will be presenting the findings of a recently concluded study at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions which will be held in Chicago on Sunday, November 14, 2010. The findings are the results of a survey involving 525 middle aged people who [...]

Poor Sleeping Habits May Lead to High Blood Pressure In Pregnant Women

According to a study published in the October 1 issue of the Sleep journal, getting poor quality of sleeping during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase a woman’s risk of developing high blood pressure. The study was conducted by the University of Washington’s School of Public Health in Seattle and was led by epidemiology [...]

Seniors with Sleeping Issues May Suffer Reduced Quality of Life

A new study from Los Angeles has shown that seniors who have a poor quality of sleep also experience depression and other negative symptoms. Good sleep is important for everyone, but a new study shows that the necessity of quality sleep is especially crucial when it comes to seniors.  A recent study published in the [...]

Opening Up a Sleep Savings Account

Researchers Say You Can Save Your Sleep for Later The dreaded all-nighter.  Virtually every college-aged adult has experienced at least one of these, burning the midnight oil to finish a paper, cram for a test, or prepare an oral presentation. While the occasional all-nighter is something most of us have experienced, that knowledge doesn’t make [...]

Gaining More Sleep by Losing Weight

Study:  Sleep Apnea Episodes Halved through Weight Loss All of us have trouble sleeping now and then.  Whether it’s due to stress, an uncomfortable bed, thoughts you can’t get out of your head, or a disturbing conversation where things were better left unsaid, common but frustrating experiences cause us to wake up several times a [...]

Young Have Little to Reap on No Sleep

Study:  On Little Sleep, Older Folk Outperform Young in Brain Function As the school year comes to a close and finals make their ignominious return to young people’s lives, millions of high schoolers will be burning the midnight oil this week, hoping to cram in as much information as possible to nail that chemistry quiz, [...]

Lack of Sleep a Nightmare for Blood Pressure

University of Chicago Study Links Hypertension to Lack of Sleep With the recent release of my book The Blood Pressure Miracle in stores across the country and the amount of work I’ve done recently to promote it, my attention is immediately grabbed whenever I see a headline that links anything to high blood pressure.  And [...]

Why Sleep Needs the Goldilocks Treatment

Sleep That Isn’t ‘Just Right’ Increases Diabetes Risk It sounds like a study straight out of the timeless nursery rhyme Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where the porridge can’t be too hot or cold, the chair can’t be too big or small and the bed can’t be too spacious or cramped.  It has to be [...]

Blood Pressures Rising Among Youth: Researchers Believe Lack of Sleep May Be to Blame

I hope you’ve read my book, “The Blood Pressure Miracle.” It was previously only available as an e-book but it’s due out in paperback right around the time when school’s back in session. The book’s print date couldn’t come at a better time, as hypertension is becoming more and more common in our teenaged sons [...]

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