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July 2024
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Tag: Depression

Omega 3: Not Just For the Heart

We know that omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart – but it appears that this wonder compound is not just good for the heart, but may also be beneficial to our ears as well.  Just recently, a study regarding the additional benefits of omega 3 fatty acids was published in the American [...]

Pectin Found in Kiwifruit May Give Prebiotic Advantage

In a recently published Journal of Functional Foods, researchers from the NZ Institute of Plant and Food Research claim that pectin that has been derived from kiwifruit may help improve the levels of good bacteria in the digestive tract. The humble pectin… was actually a health superstar! The same pectins (the researchers found a total [...]

Study Identifies Link Between Smoking and Urinary Health

In a recently concluded study presented in the annual conference of the American Urological Association, researchers pointed to a vital link between smoking, exercise and urinary health. The study involved two thousand individuals (males and females). The respondents were interviewed about their smoking habits and were also given questions regarding their urinary health.  It was [...]

Depression & Vitamin D: The Emerging Link

In a recent study performed by researchers from the National Institute of Aging in the United States, insufficient levels of vitamin D may be the reason why many individuals over the age of 65 are experiencing symptoms of depression. Senior individuals often have low levels of the important vitamin because they tend to stay indoors [...]

Seniors with Sleeping Issues May Suffer Reduced Quality of Life

A new study from Los Angeles has shown that seniors who have a poor quality of sleep also experience depression and other negative symptoms. Good sleep is important for everyone, but a new study shows that the necessity of quality sleep is especially crucial when it comes to seniors.  A recent study published in the [...]

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