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May 2024
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Archive for 'arthritis'

Poor Sleep Worsens Rheumatoid Arthritis Problems

// Rheumatoid Arthritis The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from viruses and other pathogenic organisms. But a disorder in the immune system can cause it to confuse healthy tissues and cells as foreign materials. This results to an autoimmune disease which leads to the development of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. [...]

Tips on Arthritis and Obesity Prevention

Obesity is a global problem and is thought to be second to smoking as one of the contributory cause of cancer. It is a medical condition associated with the excessive storage of body fat which can lead to serious health conditions and reduced life expectancy. A body mass index above 30 kilograms per square meter [...]

With Vitamin C, There’s No ‘Gout’ About It

Researchers:  Vitamin C a ‘Useful Option’ in Gout Avoidance    Late last summer I wrote about gout.  For those unfamiliar with the condition, gout is a type of chronic arthritis that causes severe pain in and around the joints, all thanks to the overproduction of uric acid.  Uric acid is something that all bodies produce, [...]

FDA Testing on Arthritis Drugs

The FDA recently announced they were beginning further testing and investigating whether the top four arthritis drugs on the market today were causing cancer in patients. Over the past 10 years the FDA received 30 cases of children and adults suffering from cancer who were taking these arthritis medications. Currently, the FDA has stated that [...]

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