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April 2024
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Archive for 'Stroke'

DHA in Fish Oil can help Stroke Patients and More

A group of researchers from the Health Sciences Center of Louisiana State University has conducted a research showing the benefits of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) against brain damage when it is given up to 5 hours after a stroke.  Dr. Nicolas Bazan led the team of researchers in this study.  He is a Villere Chair, a [...]

Dark Chocolate Offers a “Stroke” of Good Luck

A study at Johns Hopkins has shown that dark chocolate contains a special compound, which can protect the brain after a stroke.  As it turns out, the dark chocolate increases cells that are designed to protect nerve cells from damage. The Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism recently published this study. Researchers induced a [...]


The Power of Song for Stroke Victims I can’t say I’m the next Pavarotti, but I enjoy belting out a good tune now and again.  Whether I’m in the car, around the house, in the shower, or listening to tunes on my iPod, singing has a very therapeutic effect on my psyche. But according to [...]

Eating Fish Chokes ‘Silent’ Stroke Risk: So Long as It’s Not Fried, Study Says

Well, you probably didn’t need another reason to eat fish, but I’ll give you another one anyway. A new study says that eating fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna as little as two times a week significantly decreases the chances of suffering from a silent stroke, while significantly increasing one’s brain capacity.   The only [...]

Vitamin C May Reduce Risks of Stroke

A European based study has recently been released stating that increased intake of Vitamin C along with large dosages of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis offered significant benefits to the men and women of this study. Strokes occur when blood clots or an artery bursts in the brain, which therefore interrupts the blood [...]

Nasal Decongestant Poses Increased Risk of Stroke Among Women

According to a group of researchers in Korea, cold remedies that contain the drug phenylpropanolamine (PPA) pose an increased risk of having a hemorrhagic stroke, especially among women. PPA, which was recalled by the FDA in 2005, is a drug that was formerly used as a nasal decongestant for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines as [...]

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