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May 2024
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Tag: vitamin d deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency May Contribute to Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers from the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam state that insufficient amounts of vitamin D in seniors may be one of leading causes of metabolic syndrome. The study involved 1,300 respondents (men and women) over the age of 65. A staggering 50% of all the respondents had vitamin D deficiency. Thirty-five percent of this [...]

D Is For Death

Yet Another Study Links D Deficiency to Death Ever wonder what the ‘D’ in vitamin D stands for?  I think I know—death. A ton of studies have come out lately regarding vitamin D’s importance to our healthy lives, but there’s been a particular emphasis on how a deficiency in it can increase our risk for [...]

Your Life “D”pends on It

Study:  Elderly Low in Vitamin D Increase their Risk of Premature Death Some “D”pressing news to report on the heart health front, particularly if you’re a senior citizen.  According to a joint study conducted by researchers from Colorado and Massachusetts, the elderly are at greater risk of dying from heart disease when their vitamin D [...]

With More “D”s, You Get More “A”s

British Study Links Vitamin D to Mental Sharpness Writing a book about health is a lot like buying a laptop, iPod, or any other piece of advanced technology:  Before you know it, your top-of-the-line machinery has been replaced by something new and more advanced. I often feel this way when writing books.  For instance, I’m [...]

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