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April 2024
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Archive for 'Fatty Acids'

Omega 3: Not Just For the Heart

We know that omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart – but it appears that this wonder compound is not just good for the heart, but may also be beneficial to our ears as well.  Just recently, a study regarding the additional benefits of omega 3 fatty acids was published in the American [...]

Looking for a Way to Cut Your Colon Cancer Risk? Try Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Do you get tons of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet?  If so, new research indicates you will reduce your risk of colon cancer.  Taking fish oil supplements can also accomplish the same goal. According to Dr. Sangmi Kim at the National Institute of Environmental Health Studies in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, not only [...]

Omega-3 for Your Brain

Omega-3s May Improve the Brain Chemistry of the Mentally Ill Few things fascinate me more than the human brain.  It’s just amazing to me how slight variations in brain chemistry can significantly alter a person’s thinking patterns and perceptions. It’s easy to fall under the assumption that a person’s brain chemistry (if they don’t produce [...]

Caviar: The Best of the Best for Omega-3s

Researchers Label Caviar as the Best Natural Omega-3 Fatty Acid Source For all of the good things about seafood (low in fat, low in calories, high in protein, iron, etc.), it’s most distinguishing characteristic is it being the best source for omega-3s.  Other foods have omega-3s, sure, but you won’t find a more abundant source [...]

Omega-Man: The Heart’s Hero

Omega-3 fatty acids are the object of the heart’s affection.  They’re the heart’s knight in shining armor, for they are at the ready to reduce and prevent long-term complications, like heart disease and heart attack, while easing the sting of short-term frustrations, like chest pain. Every year, millions of people head to their local hospital [...]

Vitamin E Discovery

Study:  Vitamin E, Omega 3s Found to Reduce Symptoms of Autism The famous former prime minister Winston Churchill will be forever remembered as a stalwart conservative, but no one could call him conservative in his commentary. Never one to pull punches, Churchill called it like he saw it, with utterances like “I may be drunk, [...]

Avoiding IBD with DHA

Omega Fat Consumption Can Affect Bowel Health, According to Study In a recent “Mangano Minute” posting, I talked about the importance of balancing omega-3s and omega-6s.  I talked about how omega-6 fats – often painted as a bad source of fat – are actually good for you, so long as they’re eaten in proper proportion [...]

Omega-6: Not Bad After All?

Why Omega-6s Should Be Commended, Not Contemned There are goods and bads when it comes to reporting on health news – and oftentimes, they’re one and the same. For example, it’s great that health news is constantly flowing and improving on itself. What was true today may not be true tomorrow. In other words, science [...]

The Miracle Fat of “The Blood Pressure Miracle”

Study Confirms What ‘Miracle’ Advocates: Lowering Blood Pressure with Omega-3s There are few things more satisfying than recommending something years ago, and having those recommendations supported by science several years later. “The Blood Pressure Miracle ” started out as an e-book.  Years later, thanks to you, the print version of “The Blood Pressure Miracle ” [...]

Oh, ‘Boy,’ It’s Fish!

Fish:  Boys’ Brain Booster, Say Swedish Researchers When I was a young tike, I used to watch a pretty good amount of Sesame Street.  Unlike today’s crop of shows geared for children, Sesame Street had—and has—some redeeming qualities, as various segments in their hour programs taught young kids how to read, write, and eat healthy [...]

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