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May 2024
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Archive for 'Multi-Vitamin'

Slimming Down with Multivitamins

Chinese Study:  Obese Women May Lose More Weight by Supplementing with Multi I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as a diet drink or diet pill that will help you lose weight.  There are only two things that will help you lose weight and that’s moving more and eating less. Yet as much [...]

Freedom from Food Allergies

Could Taking a Multi at a Young Age Prevent Food Allergies? Taking a multivitamin may be kids’ best defense from forming a food allergy. According to recently released findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when researchers looked at kids who had taken a multivitamin before their fourth birthday, they found that they [...]

Multiplying Cell Life with Multivitamins

Study:  Multivitamin Users Have Younger ‘Biological Age’ Have you noticed the onslaught of negative press regarding traditional takes on health lately?  From the notion that exercise doesn’t rev metabolism, to antioxidants doing nothing for the body, to the benefits of fish oil being nothing more than a figment of the imagination (I’ll address this in [...]

More ‘Multi-’ Mumbo Jumbo

Reading Beyond Headlines to Get Full Story of Latest “Anti-Multi” Claims Head to any “Health” section of your favorite news website and you’re likely to find a headline that says multivitamins don’t work, that their perceived benefits are just that, and that they have no impact on one’s avoidance of killer diseases like heart disease [...]

Prevent Premature Aging with Daily Vitamins

A nutritional expert, Bruce Ames has completed several different series of tests and studies to reach his newly published conclusion that taking certain vitamin supplements on a daily basis can not only prevent premature aging but can also help prevent the illnesses which are commonly experienced through our elderly years. Many illnesses including heart disease [...]

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