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May 2024
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Archive for 'Diabetes'

Grape Polyphenols Help Fight Diabetes, Research Says

// Researchers coming from the South of France’s University of Montpellier reported that rats that were given a high-sugar and high-fat diet managed to display reduced fat accumulation in their muscle tissue provided that their diet was supplemented with grape polyphenols. The researchers believe that the antioxidant compounds that are found in red grapes are [...]

Polyphenols Found in Green Tea Can Help Save Diabetics

In a recent scientific research published in the journal Food Chemistry in Taiwan, it was found that the compound EGCG or epigallocatechin 3 gallate can help reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol and also prevents glycatin of blood sugar. Glycation is a process whereby sugar molecules are able to bind with other types of [...]

Diabetes Prevention May Start with Breakfast

Could Coffee Reduce the Risk for Diabetes Development? Coffee drinking is rarely associated as being a boon for someone’s health.  It’s derided for being too high in caffeine, disparaged as being a cause for tooth staining, and pilloried for being a high calorie diet buster. While the negative health claims of coffee have elements of [...]

Air Pollution May Spark Adult-Onset Diabetes

In a new study that will appear in the journal Environment Health Perspectives, air pollution was linked to increased incidence of diabetes 2 or adult-onset diabetes.  The study involved respondents in Germany who lived in heavily polluted industrial areas. The study was first initiated in the eighties.  After sixteen years, researchers made a follow-up study [...]

Pining for Pine Bark, Extract

Study:  Pine Bark Extract Improves Eyesight in 75 Percent of Diabetics Say you fall victim to some mysterious illness.  The illness is such that it renders four of your senses useless.  What’s the one sense that you’d want to keep more than any other? For me, hands down, it’s eyesight.  I can’t imagine not being [...]

Pomegranate Prevention

Study Says the Seeded Apple May Help Prevent Obesity, Diabetes For me, the month of August is one of the more sad times of the year.  It’s a month of endings:  The summer’s last hurrah, the end of balmy weather, and final reminiscences at the family get-together. On the other hand, August can be a [...]

‘High Five’ Fiber Find

Latin Americans Decrease Diabetes Risk with Five Extra Grams of Fiber I fully recognize that this is a report that’s not exactly breaking news.  And if you’ve read even a little of my book, you know what an advocate I am of maintaining a high fiber diet, while reducing any diet that’s high in sugar. [...]

Why Sleep Needs the Goldilocks Treatment

Sleep That Isn’t ‘Just Right’ Increases Diabetes Risk It sounds like a study straight out of the timeless nursery rhyme Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where the porridge can’t be too hot or cold, the chair can’t be too big or small and the bed can’t be too spacious or cramped.  It has to be [...]

As Diabetes Domino Drops, Alzheimer’s Risk Rises

Wake Forest Researchers Link Diabetes to Dementia Risk The ongoing financial crisis the country is embroiled in has opened my eyes to how intricate a web our economic structure is.  The so-called domino effect of the economic collapse – starting with the housing bubble bursting,  leading to a chorus of bursting bubbles up and down [...]

Eat Your Way to a Diabetes-Free Life

The Archives of Internal Medicine recently published a study in which Vitamin C was used as a preventative measure against Type 2 diabetes. The study was performed by the Institute of Metabolic Science at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in England. Its focus was of middle-aged and older participants and how Vitamin C would affect their risk through [...]

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