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April 2024
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Tag: Vitamin E

Save Your Brain With Vitamin E and Vitamin D

In a recent Dutch study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, it was found that not having enough vitamin E and vitamin D over the long term predisposed a person to cognitive decline and even the psychiatric disorder dementia. Vitamin E and dementia The study, which was undertaken by researchers from the Erasmus Medical [...]

Polyphenols May Help Strengthen the Immune System, German Study Shows

In a new study spearheaded by German scientists, it was found that a special juice mix composed of shitake mushrooms, green tea, grape seed and the extract from grape seeds may help reduce the occurrence of one of science’s most baffling problems: the common cold. Because the common cold can be caused by literally hundreds [...]

Vitamin E Can Help with Liver Disease

One of the most common liver diseases related to obesity is called fatty liver disease.  Unfortunately, doctors currently believe that this issue has no form of treatment.  However, researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University have discovered that Vitamin E can help patients with fatty liver disease.  Researchers were surprised at these findings, as typically vitamin [...]

Vitamins: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

It’s time to go back in time.  Think back to when you were in your high school health class.  At some point during the semester, I’m sure you learned about vitamins and how all of them fall into one of two classes:  Fat soluble or water soluble.  Water soluble vitamins—like vitamin B complex, and vitamin [...]

Anti Antioxidant

German Study Pooh-Poohs Antioxidant Benefits There’s no news like bad news, and once again, the media have illustrated this axiomatic truth. For years, I and others in the natural health world have written about the array of benefits antioxidants provide the body.  How antioxidants neutralize free radicals, how they diminish the risk of an assortment [...]

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