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June 2024
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Eating Eggs in Moderation is Still Good for the Health

A review regarding the dangers of cholesterol present in a person’s diet, especially for those who are at risk of a stroke or heart attack, was published by three leading physicians in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. The review was actually a warning, saying that one of the leading sources of cholesterol are egg yolks, [...]

What You Can Do to Lower your Bad Cholesterol

Much has been said about the effects of having high levels of LDL in the body.  Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) are commonly known as the bad form of cholesterol and have been greatly associated with a higher risk of developing diseases of the heart that may lead to life-threatening conditions such as stroke and heart [...]

Natural Ways of Reducing Bad Cholesterol Levels

Understanding Bad Cholesterol There are two types of cholesterol in the body: the good and bad. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is referred to as bad cholesterol since high levels of LDL results to a higher risk of developing coronary and cardiovascular diseases. It interferes with healthy blood flow by sticking on artery walls and forming [...]

Nuts as Natural Cholesterol Busters

In the endless battle against heart disease and bad cholesterol, one type of food is standing out from the crowd of ‘would be’ super foods in terms of performance: nuts. Several studies in the US and around the world have already attributed the power of nuts to lower LDL (or ‚Äúbad cholesterol‚ÄĚ) and generally improve [...]

Love Pistachios? Your Heart Does, Too!

Pistachios are well-loved nuts, not just in the United States but around the globe. We have even more reasons to love this health nut: researchers from Pennsylvania State University¬† concluded that pistachios are ideal for controlling cholesterol levels because it’s natural packed with nutrients and good fats which helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. [...]

Your Cholesterol Levels Can Tell Doctors a Lot About You

Your cholesterol levels can tell you more than just your levels of triglycerides!  Researchers have now determined that cholesterol levels can now also report on a person’s lifestyle choices.  The Mayo Clinic Health Letter recently released their findings that a person’s level of overall health is reflected in their good and bad cholesterol levels. While [...]

Statin Drugs Can Harm Your Immune System

Statin drugs are used to help prevent heart attacks and reduce bad cholesterol levels.  This medicine is frequently given to people when doctors believe that they may be at risk for cardiac related issues.  One popular statin drug that is constantly advertised is Lipitor.  Sure, these statin drugs are distributed like candy.  But is this [...]

Niacin Zings Zetia

Niacin Shown to be More Effective than Zetia at Lowering Cholesterol As any practitioner of natural medicine can attest, natural medicine is often shoved aside as a ‚Äúpseudo-science.‚Ä̬† Natural herbs, nutrients and supplements may be beneficial for the body, sure, but only pharmaceuticals can reverse heart disease or lower cholesterol they say. Well truth be [...]

Atkins Going Green?

Atkins to Promote Plant-based Proteins as the New Key to Weight Loss, Heart Health Remember the Atkins Diet?¬† The diet that said you could splurge on pretty much any and all protein sources ‚Äď no matter how fatty it was or how congested with cholesterol it happened to be? For many people, this form of [...]

The Miracle Fat of ‚ÄúThe Blood Pressure Miracle‚ÄĚ

Study Confirms What ‚ÄėMiracle‚Äô Advocates: Lowering Blood Pressure with Omega-3s There are few things more satisfying than recommending something years ago, and having those recommendations supported by science several years later. ‚ÄúThe Blood Pressure Miracle ‚ÄĚ started out as an e-book.¬† Years later, thanks to you, the print version of ‚ÄúThe Blood Pressure Miracle ‚ÄĚ [...]

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