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July 2024
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Save Your Brain With Vitamin E and Vitamin D

Not having enough natural vitamin E and naturally-produced vitamin D in the body can predispose a person to dementia and cognitive decline.

In a recent Dutch study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, it was found that not having enough vitamin E and vitamin D over the long term predisposed a person to cognitive decline and even the psychiatric disorder dementia.

Vitamin E and dementia

The study, which was undertaken by researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center, used questionnaires to track the diet of more than five thousand individual respondents.  The respondents were further tracked for an additional ten years.  Within this period of time, more than four hundred respondents were diagnosed with dementia while more than three hundred respondents developed Alzheimer’s disease.

After analyzing the combined data produced by the five thousand plus test subjects, it was found that an average intake of 18.5 mg of vitamin E reduced the chances of developing the psychiatric disease dementia than those who did not.  Individuals who had developed dementia had an average intake of only 9 mg of vitamin E per day.

According to the researchers, the connection between vitamin E intake and brain health is quite straightforward: the brain is an organ that is in constant metabolic activity.  Organic metabolism produces waste products, including free radicals.  If there are too many free radicals in the brain and too little anti-oxidants in the body, the brain tissue suffers directly from oxidative stress.  Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants can help reduce oxidative stress, which in turn promotes overall wellness and not just brain health.

Vitamin D and cognitive decline

In an unrelated study, researchers from UK’s University of Exeter discovered that individuals who had too little vitamin D were at risk for cognitive decline over the long term.  The study made use of data collected from more than 800 adults in the UK, who were above 50 in age.  Instead of questionnaires, the UK study used actual cognitive tests to measure cognitive stability and decline over a six year period.  They also tested the level of vitamin D present in the blood of the test subjects.

It was found that test subjects who had less than twenty-five nanomoles for every liter of blood had a 60% higher chance of cognitive decline.  According to David Llewellyn, lead researcher, a causal pathway between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline has finally been established with the help of their study, which means that cognitive decline can indeed be prevented by increasing the amount of vitamin D in the body.  And the easiest and most natural way to do this is to get direct sun exposure for at least ten minutes everyday.

In a  commentary produced by academics from the University of Auckland, it was said that it was high time that further examinations be performed to find out whether or not the public should be formally made aware of the benefits of vitamin D.

Natural or synthetic vitamin E

There are two main forms of vitamin E available in the market Рsynthetic vitamin E and natural vitamin E.  While some experts say that it’s basically the same, a study that had been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition begs to differ.

According to the study, natural vitamin E was more bio-available than synthetic vitamin E.  Bio-availability is an important issue when it comes to supplements because it is the direct measurement of how much of a supplement is actually absorbed and used by the body. When there is low bio-availability, the benefits of a supplement are not maximized because only part of the dose is actually absorbed.

Other benefits of vitamin D and vitamin E

Vitamin D

1. Getting enough vitamin D can prevent advanced arthritic conditions from manifesting Рyou just have to be outdoors a few minutes everyday to keep your vitamin D levels up.  As one ages, the natural vitamin D production decreases, so you have to adjust your lifestyle to increase production during the golden years.

2. Healthy levels of vitamin D can help benefit the cardiac function by regulating blood pressure levels.

3. A link between vitamin D intake and reduction of the risk for multiple sclerosis has been established by numerous independent studies.

4. Vitamin D can help people with chronic pain.  People with fibromyalgia, arthritis and joint pain can also benefit from vitamin D intake.

Vitamin E

1. Vitamin E can keep older women healthy and free from common chronic, degenerative disease, says a study that has been published in the Journal of the AMA.

2. Vitamin E has been shown to slow down the growth of prostate cancer, according to a US study called the SELECT trial.

3. Vitamin E has natural anti-oxidant properties, which reduces oxidative stress and may also help reduce the occurrence of many types of cancer, including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

4. Vitamin E when applied topically can help lighten scars by improving the production of new skin and the formation of collagen, an important component in the skin that makes it resistant to physical stresses and also makes it supple.

400 IU of natural vitamin E per day is recommended for women over the age forty for general wellness and possible cancer prevention.


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