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February 2024
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Dark Chocolate for Oxidative Stress

// Chocolate Cocoa is known to be a key ingredient in many foods.  The wonder and fame of cocoa have invaded people in every part of the globe, however a few only know of its origin. The origin of the chocolate first started when the cacao tree was discovered in the tropical rainforest of Central [...]

Cocoa: What It Does to the Heart

// A lot of people are in love with chocolates – and there is really nothing wrong with this, as long as the right kind of chocolate is consumed.  Dark chocolate is definitely way better than milk chocolate.  Aside from the health benefits provided by its rich cocoa content, it does not contain the same [...]

Your Heart Truly Loves Chocolate!

A new study indicates that eating chocolate each day can be good for your heart.  According to this study from the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Nuthetal, Germany, eating small amounts of chocolate can reduce your risk of a stroke or heart attack by 40%. To obtain their results, German scientists followed 20,000 people [...]

Something Bitter for Your Sweetheart’s Skin

Wrestle Away Wrinkles with Dark Chocolate With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of my procrastination-prone readers, I’m sure, are wondering what to get for their sweetheart. Well, if you want to keep your baby-faced beau or gal pal looking as great tomorrow as he or she does today, dark chocolate may be just [...]

Sweet Relief

Dark Chocolate Helps Relieve Stress Levels Comfort foods are the oases people turn to for stress relief.  This is OK every once in a while, but not regularly, because comfort foods are more often than not nutritional lightweights.  But that generalization doesn’t apply to chocolate, in particular dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate can—in fact, should—be eaten [...]

Walking Away from Temptation

Study:  Chocoholics Reduce Cravings with 15-Minute Walk “Sometimes the best way to avoid unnecessary confrontation is to walk away.”  This pearl of wisdom is often given to kids frustrated by bullying class mates. But the same principle applies to foods that frustrate a person’s diet. When it comes to food, all of us have weaknesses:  [...]

Cocoa Flavonoids Lower Blood Pressure, Study Shows

According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, cocoa reduces high blood pressure but tea on the other hand, does not. The results of 10 different studies (five examining the effects of cocoa on blood pressure, and five examining the effects of tea) were compared by researchers from the University Hospital of [...]

Cacao Found to Normalize Blood Sugar Levels, Researchers Report

According to a Japanese study reported in the journal Nutrition, blood sugar levels in obese, diabetic mice were significantly reduced when their diets were supplemented with an extract of cacao liquor. The study’s authors wrote, “The dietary intake of food or drinks produced from cacao beans might be beneficial in preventing the onset of Type [...]

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