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May 2024
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Archive for 'Organic Products'

Bilked by Silk?

Re-Branding of Popular Soy Milk Leaves Organic-Conscious Consumers Miffed As someone that avoids dairy, my milk musings tend to be about one of two things:  almond milk or soy milk.  Both have their nutritional benefits, and both have a great, smooth taste I enjoy.  But after a recent report appearing in the pages of the [...]

Defending Organic…Yet Again

British Study Tries to Debunk Nutrition Benefits of Organic On the heels of my writing about the Environmental Working Group’s analysis of the most pesticide-riddled foods, this little news bulletin crossed my computer monitor:  “Organics no healthier than other foods.” Talk about timing, huh? Of course, many of us are used to this dog and [...]

The Nutrition Decision: Organic or Conventional?

Organic Maintains Lead in Debate over Nutrition For several years now, the British Nutrition Foundation has doggedly held by the notion that organic produce is no more nutritious than conventional produce.  They hold that the only real reason one ought to pony up the extra two to three bucks for a head of lettuce or [...]

UK Government’s New Labeling Law Would Allow Food Companies To “Cash In” on The Organic Label

Concerns over weather or not the government in the United Kingdom will allow higher quantities of genetically modified (GM) ingredients into organic foods without labeling are rising.   If the proposal is accepted, up to 0.9 percent GM ingredients will be allowed in foods labeled “organic”. 0.9 percent is the current cutoff point that requires [...]

Retail Giant Under Investigation Over Allegedly Deceiving Organic Claims…

It seems like lately everyone wants jump on the “organic” bandwagon but few actually have the right to claim the title. An investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is moving forward with regard to suspicions that retail giant Wal-Mart has mislabeling certain products as “organic” and in turn misleading consumers. [...]

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