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July 2024
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Archive for 'FDA'

More Tylenol Turmoil

Pill Recall Expands as Complaints Pour into FDA If you’ve ever thought, hinted at, or seriously considered adopting the all-natural way to live and treat conditions, no time is as good as now.  I know that sounds trite and tired, but I say that not because it’s a good motto to live by, but because [...]

Tylenol Trouble

Acetaminophen Overuse Leads to Liver Failure For a pounding headache, millions upon millions of Americans turn to pills like Excedrin, the pill that bills itself as “the headache medicine.”  And for millions of Americans, pills like these do the trick—24 billion doses of acetaminophen medicines sold last year alone is a testament to that fact. [...]

FDA Snuffs Out Zicam

Popular Cold Remedy Can Ruin Sense of Smell As many of you know by now – and as I’ve written in the past – I’m not exactly the president of the Food and Drug Administration’s fan club.  In fact, I just recently criticized them for not cracking down on the prevalence of GMOs in food, [...]

Anemia Drugs May Cause Cancer

The anemia drugs Aranesp, Epogen, and Procrit are under close watch by the FDA as there are studies and reports stating they may be causing cancer. These drugs are erythropoiesis, which are stimulating agents (ESAs). They are meant to boost the production of red blood cells and the FDA already has out a black box [...]

Tell the FDA that YOU Want to be In Charge of Your Own Health!

The past few years have been pretty good for the alternative health community. With more and more people taking the necessary steps to educate themselves on how they can treat & prevent diseases and ailments safely & naturally, the need for harmful medications has become much smaller. While this improves the overall health of Americans, [...]

Side Effect Ridden Antibiotic Acquires “Black Box” Warning

Following a year long investigation into the side effects of the controversial antibiotic Ketek, warnings on the drug have been increased by the FDA. The drug’s use for treatment of sinusitis and bronchitis has also now been banned. “FDA has determined that the balance of benefits and risks for Ketek do not support continued approval [...]

FDA To FINALLY Issue Warning Labels on Over-The-Counter Acetaminophen Products…

Many people believe that over the counter drugs are not as harmful as prescription medications. . In my opinion, drugs are drugs and no matter which way you slice it or dice it drugs come with side effects and possibly long-term consequences.   The FDA, which supposedly regulates the use of prescription drugs in our [...]

FDA To Allow Easier Access To Experimental Drugs…

Here’s some news you may find astonishing. I personally found it downright disgraceful and just plain ludicrous.   On Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it will take steps to make experimental drugs for patients with serious diseases more accessible. That’s right, experimental drugs. That’s the a part I find to [...]

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