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May 2024
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Tag: Weight Loss

The Sugar-Blood Pressure Connection Revealed

Based on a new study from the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey, regular intake of table sugar or fruit sugars can increase a person’s risk of doubling his risk of dramatically increasing his systolic blood pressure above the 160 mark. Normal systolic blood pressure should be no more than 120. Growing body of evidence [...]

Resveratrol May Help Save Diabetics’ Eyes

In a recent study by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, it was found that resveratrol, a key compound in red wine and fresh foods such as peanuts and fresh grapes, may be able to save the diabetics from vision loss in the near future. Published in the American Journal of Pathology, researchers [...]

Chili Peppers May Combat Extra Flab

In a recent report from Science Daily, a new study suggests that chili peppers may just be the missing key to increased weight loss.  The new study shows that  a compound in chilies called capsaicin, which also makes a chili hot to the taste, is responsible for initiating specific changes in protein. According to lead [...]

How Emotions Play a Role in Overeating

It is no secret that people trying to lose weight seek to control their eating habits.  However, many people don’t realize that their emotions play into their ability to control their food choices.  Unfortunately, many weight loss programs neglect to address this issue. While dieters may try to choose better foods and exercise, often they [...]

Fibromyalgia is Now Linked to Weight and Obesity

A new study from Norwegian University of Science and Technology has shown that overweight and obese women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia.  This study was published in the May issue of Arthritis Care and Research. Fibromyalgia includes long-lasting pain in points including the neck, shoulder, back, hips, arms and legs.  People with this issue [...]

3 Reasons Why Obesity Is… A Disease?

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. Jon is a good friend of mine so I have his permission to share it with you. I have personally reviewed Every Other Day Diet in addition to Jon's other products and I give them my highest recommendation. I'm an affiliate of [...]

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