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July 2024
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Green Tea Associated with Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

Green Tea A Japanese study has recently been published in the online edition of American Journal of Epidemiology regarding the association of green tea intake with that of Prostate Cancer development. A research team from Japan’s health ministry took 49,920 men from across the nation under their study, aging anywhere between 40-69 years of age. The study began in 1990 and this same study group followed up on their health conditions until 2004.

During these years of study, 404 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Of these 404 men, 114 were suffering from advanced cases, 271 were localised and 19 were undetermined when it came to their stages. This study showed that the risks of having advance prostate cancer were 50% lower for men who drank more than 5 cups of green tea per day in comparison to the men who drank only 1 cup.

Overall, this study concluded that green tea was not associated with localised cancer but may have been associated in the decreased risks of advanced prostate cancer for the men in the study. In detail, this particular study discovered that a substance called catechin located in green tea may be what is contributing to the decreased risk of advanced prostate cancer. Past studies have shown that catechin curbs the levels of testosterone, a male hormone shown to be a risk factor in the past.

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

Green tea is not only beneficial for men fighting the advances of prostate cancer or looking to prevent it altogether. Green tea has also been shown to lower high cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease and enhance any immune system with daily intakes of 5 cups or more a day. These are all common problems and diseases that millions of people throughout the world face on a daily basis and these same people may not be aware that by simply drinking several cups of green tea a day, they could drastically reduce their symptoms and even the chances of developing these problems.

There are several different and strong beneficial substances within green tea which enable it to be such a healing tool. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is one of the most prominent substances within green tea which is a powerful antioxidant. This particular substance not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells but it can kill them without harming the already healthy tissue. There are approximately 6 different branches of antioxidants found in green tea but it also contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline which are all alkaloids which help provide the effects of green tea.

Not only has this study shown that green tea can be a healthy and natural way to lower the risks of advanced prostate cancer but it proves there are many different substances located in green tea which can keep anyone healthy and prevent a number of different yet common diseases and health risks. All it takes is a few cups of green tea per day and you could be preventing a great deal of health risks in your future.

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