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July 2024
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Archive for 'Dieting'

Why Yo-Yo Is a No-Go!

Study Shows How Yo-Yo Diets Are Doomed to Failure I can’t stand it when people say, “I’m on a diet.”  I typically hear this refrain when friends of mine say they want to lose a few; for a short while, they abandon the glut to lose that gut and avoid the yummy to tighten their [...]

‘Egg’ceptional Diet Option: Limited, Daily Egg Consumption Can Increase Weight Loss Results

There are an awful lot of misconceptions about eggs. It seems every day there’s a new study out that says how great they are for you, followed by another study two and a half weeks later that nixes the previous study’s findings.  So where’s the truth lie? As I’ve reported in the past, eggs are [...]

Redoubling Your Efforts: Researchers: For Weight Loss to Stay Lost, Obese Must Go the Extra Mile (Literally)

If you’re obese and have committed to exercise, give yourself a hand. Exercise is not an easy thing to commit to and you should be proud of yourself for the proactive ‘steps’ (pardon the pun) you’ve taken to get your weight down. Hopefully, your commitments have borne fruit relatively quickly, dropping pounds of weight and [...]

Lose Weight by Eating More?

Big Breakfast, Best Bet for Battling Bulge   The formula makes sense.  If you want to lose weight, you have to do two things: eat less, exercise more.  It sounds simple, but putting the formula into action is anything but.    That said, what if I told you that eating less may not be the key [...]

Cocoa: The New Mainstream Medicine?

New research has just been released stating that cocoa may very soon be released as a new form of treatment for diabetics suffering from cardiovascular disease. The research study included diabetic patients who drank a highly concentrated form of cocoa every day for one month. The results could not be argued. The patient’s blood vessel [...]

Dieters Reduce Calorie Intake Instead of Increasing Exercise, Poll Reveals

A new poll reveals that many dieters count calories rather than exercising to lose weight. In the recent study of the 2,000 people surveyed, only 59 percent claimed that exercise made a greater contribution to personal health that counting calories alone. According to the study, when trying to lose weight, women count calories more than [...]

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