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July 2024
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Archive for 'Breast Cancer'

Coffee against Breast Cancer

// Wonder Coffee There are many talks and written records on how coffee came to be as what we see it now, but there is that strongest and most accepted legend about the discovery and drinking of coffee. A goat shepherd named Kaldi noticed the strange behavior of his goats that were jumping and running [...]

The Connection Between Vitamins and Breast Cancer Rates

If you have been taking vitamins and calcium supplements, there is good news concerning your risk of getting breast cancer!  New findings about breast cancer prevention were announced at this year’s American Association for Cancer Research 101st Annual Meeting. The event took place April 17-21st in Washington DC.  The meeting attracts over 15,000 attendees each [...]

Alcohol in Adolescence: A Cancerous Combination?

Study:  Underage Drinking Increases Benign Breast Disease, Breast Cancer Risk When we go to get something checked and the results come back benign, that’s usually a positive prognosis.  But if you get a benign prognosis and you’re a teenaged girl that drinks alcohol, a “benign” prognosis may be a bad prognosis. According to a recent [...]

Beta-Carotene: Smokers’ Saving Grace?

Study Says Beta-Carotene May Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in Women that Smoke There are so many reasons not to smoke.  From the yellowish-green hue it leaves on your teeth, the smell it leaves on your breath, the aging it does to your skin, the negative health effects are hardly hard to spot. Yet as [...]

Pomegranate Protection

Ellagitannins in Pomegranates Halt Cancer Cell Growth Have you been on Facebook lately (are you even on Facebook?  If not, get on there, and add me as a “friend”)?  If so, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people writing colors into their status updates.  “Red,” “white,” “blue.” This isn’t your friends proclaiming their affinity for [...]

Diagnoses Gone Wrong

Study:  One in Three Women Treated for Breast Cancer Unnecessarily In about three months, you’re going to hear a lot about breast cancer.  That’s because breast cancer awareness month is held every October, where women and men encourage their moms, sisters, and wives to get screened.  While screenings have without question saved the lives of [...]

Olive Oil May Prevent Breast Cancer

When standing at the supermarket, you may often feel rather overwhelmed with choice as to which type of vegetable oils are best to buy.  Researchers from the University of Granada, Spain, have conducted a study that shows how olive oil may be an active ingredient in fighting cancerous cells. In the research, two chemicals made [...]

Study: Breast Cancer Risk Increases with Each Drink among Women

Cause for Concern  Tax season is now past, but this time of year always reminds me of one of Benjamin Franklin’s many popular proverbs, the guarantee that everyone in life would go through two things: death and taxes. While death and taxes are undeniable, when it comes to our mortality, we can all make choices [...]

Women Who Breastfeed Reduce Their Risk of Breast Cancer, Study Shows

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Los Angeles suggests that by breast feeding, women can reduce their risk of breast cancer, even if they have their first child at a later stage in their life. Data on women who had participated in the Women’s Contraceptive and [...]

Yoga Provides Benefits To Women With Breast Cancer, Study Concludes

A pilot study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management suggests that by reducing pain and fatigue and raising their spirits, specifically tailored yoga programs may help women with late-stage breast cancer. “The benefits could include less pain and fatigue, and more vigor, relaxation, and acceptance,” said study leader Dr. James W. Carson [...]

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