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April 2024
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Archive for 'Walking'

Green Acres Really Is the Place to Be

Study: Park Populated Places Breed Active Kids Fans of Eva Gabor, I have news for you:  It turns out Green Acres really is “the place to be.” The eponymous 1965 television sitcom aired a wee bit before my time, but as I understand it, “Green Acres” centered on the life of two city slickers who [...]

Walk to Lower Blood Pressure

A study conducted in Korea was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in May 2008 showing their findings and benefits of walking in connection with high blood pressure. This study found that walking only 40 minutes a day can greatly lower high blood pressure for anyone suffering from hypertension. [...]

Can Golf Prolong Lives?

A new study, which was conducted by the Swedish Medical University Karolinska Institutet, has found that golf is not only a great hobby for men and women today but possibly a form of activity that can prolong your life expectancy. Within this study, the research found that men and women who golf have a 40% lower death [...]

Study Shows Daily Exercise Can Prevent Colds

A new research study on walking has found that only 30 minutes of walking per day, five days per week can help prevent colds throughout the year. Walking has been found to be one of the most successful forms of exercise because it can be done at the perfect level of intensity, not too much [...]

Walking may Prevent Vascular Dementia

A study was published recently in the online version of Journal Neurology stating that moderate walking and average exercise daily can help decrease the risks of vascular dementia greatly. This is the second most common neurological disorder next to Alzheimer’s disease.   A group of 749 adults over the age of 65 volunteered for this study. [...]

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