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June 2024
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Archive for 'Smoking'

Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix May Cause Violent Behavior, Experts Say

Smoking cessation is a big problem for dependent smokers. Withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings are two of the top reasons why many cannot stop smoking. A few years ago, the US FDA approved a drug, Chantix, that was touted as the prescription drug to help people kick the smoking habit.  According the drug’s medical literature, [...]

Secondhand Smoke May Increase Psychological Stress, UK Study Says

In a study performed by researchers from the University College London, it was found that individuals who were exposed to secondhand smoke were more likely to suffer from psychological distress than people who were not exposed. The risk of psychological distress from secondhand smoke exposure is a staggering 50% – a significant risk percentage. In [...]

Study Identifies Link Between Smoking and Urinary Health

In a recently concluded study presented in the annual conference of the American Urological Association, researchers pointed to a vital link between smoking, exercise and urinary health. The study involved two thousand individuals (males and females). The respondents were interviewed about their smoking habits and were also given questions regarding their urinary health.  It was [...]

Smarts and Smoking

Researchers Measure the Intelligence Level of Smokers and Non-Smokers With all that we now know about the negative health effects of smoking (e.g., compared with non-smokers, smokers are four more times more likely to suffer a stroke, four times more likely to have heart disease, 23 times more likely to develop lung cancer, 13 times [...]

Beta-Carotene: Smokers’ Saving Grace?

Study Says Beta-Carotene May Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in Women that Smoke There are so many reasons not to smoke.  From the yellowish-green hue it leaves on your teeth, the smell it leaves on your breath, the aging it does to your skin, the negative health effects are hardly hard to spot. Yet as [...]

Kids’ Social Health Is Tobacco’s Latest Victim

German Study Ties Tobacco Use to Impaired Social Function in Kids If you hate smoking as much as I do, the year 2009 couldn’t come to an end soon enough.  That’s because 2009 was a banner year for the cigarette industry. As I recently reported on Natural News, smoking in the year 2009 made a [...]

Why It’s Never Too Late to Quit

Quitting Smoking Bears Fruit for Asthmatics, Especially Generally speaking, when people make bad choices they tend to adversely affect the person making those choices more than anyone else.  But that’s not the case with smoking.  Smoking is a bad choice that adversely affects the health of the people around them almost as much as it [...]

Reducing Cigarette Cravings Just a Walk Away (Literally)

Moderate Bouts of Exercise Reduces Cigarette Cravings, Study Finds From patches to hypnosis, gum to acupuncture, people have tried anything and everything to quit smoking. But the best help yet may be found at your local gym, your local park or in your backyard. According to researchers from the University of Exeter, getting out and [...]

Smoking on the Outs with Oats

Pilot Study: Wild Oats May Cut Cigarette Use in Half There’s definitely been a full-scale blitz on the tobacco industry in recent years.  Everywhere you look, from the federal government to state government, legislators are pushing cigarette taxes northward.  This past March, for instance, the president signed a new bill into law that would increase [...]

Smoking Cessation: How Best to ‘Pack’ It In

Study Suggests Peers Often Determine Success or Failure   So I was watching one of those reality TV shows the other day and I happened to notice something that I thought was on the decrease:  people smoking cigarettes.  The participants in this reality series were all sitting around, talking about the latest task they had to [...]

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