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May 2024
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Tag: Cancer

Polyphenols Found in Green Tea Can Help Save Diabetics

In a recent scientific research published in the journal Food Chemistry in Taiwan, it was found that the compound EGCG or epigallocatechin 3 gallate can help reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol and also prevents glycatin of blood sugar. Glycation is a process whereby sugar molecules are able to bind with other types of [...]

Vitamin D Deficiency May Contribute to Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers from the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam state that insufficient amounts of vitamin D in seniors may be one of leading causes of metabolic syndrome. The study involved 1,300 respondents (men and women) over the age of 65. A staggering 50% of all the respondents had vitamin D deficiency. Thirty-five percent of this [...]

Green Tea Shows Promise as a Cancer Killer, Study Says

According to a study performed by researchers from the Mayo Clinic, the extract of the world-popular green tea has been effective in regulating the growth and proliferation of cancer cells in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  The study was classified as a phase two human clinical trial, and the results were very promising indeed. [...]

Pectin Found in Kiwifruit May Give Prebiotic Advantage

In a recently published Journal of Functional Foods, researchers from the NZ Institute of Plant and Food Research claim that pectin that has been derived from kiwifruit may help improve the levels of good bacteria in the digestive tract. The humble pectin… was actually a health superstar! The same pectins (the researchers found a total [...]

Polyphenols May Help Strengthen the Immune System, German Study Shows

In a new study spearheaded by German scientists, it was found that a special juice mix composed of shitake mushrooms, green tea, grape seed and the extract from grape seeds may help reduce the occurrence of one of science’s most baffling problems: the common cold. Because the common cold can be caused by literally hundreds [...]

More Evidence that Environmental Factors Contribute to Cancer

As time goes on and on, more sources point to the fact that cancer is caused by carcinogens in the environment.  In fact, a new report was just released that was completed by a expert panel that currently advises Barack Obama. This panel, called the President’s Cancer Panel (or PCP), was set up in the [...]

Cancer’s Heavy Toll

Cancer Research Study: 100,000+ Cancer Diagnoses Caused by Obesity It’s one thing to be told obesity leads to cancer; it’s quite another to put numbers to that notion, because as the old saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. According to a new report on the link between cancer and obesity, being grossly overweight is responsible [...]

Troubled Treatment

UK Study:  Two-Thirds of Prostate Cancer Patients Receive Unnecessary Treatment When it comes to diagnosing people with disease, doctors often put the cart before the horse.  They overestimate the seriousness of the disease, putting a patient’s physical and mental health on edge and sapping their quality of life in the process. Now I don’t mean [...]

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