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April 2024
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Archive for 'Liver Damage'

Vitamin E Can Help with Liver Disease

One of the most common liver diseases related to obesity is called fatty liver disease.  Unfortunately, doctors currently believe that this issue has no form of treatment.  However, researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University have discovered that Vitamin E can help patients with fatty liver disease.  Researchers were surprised at these findings, as typically vitamin [...]

Fat and Drunk Brings Bigger Liver Disease Risk

How the Amount You Drink – and the Amount You Weigh – Affects Liver Disease Risk Most of us know that when you drink in excess, it not only does a number on your liver, but it does a number on your waistline. Hey, they don’t call them “beer bellies” for nothing. But many people [...]

Tylenol Trouble

Acetaminophen Overuse Leads to Liver Failure For a pounding headache, millions upon millions of Americans turn to pills like Excedrin, the pill that bills itself as “the headache medicine.”  And for millions of Americans, pills like these do the trick—24 billion doses of acetaminophen medicines sold last year alone is a testament to that fact. [...]

Study: Fast Food Eating Lifestyle Leads to Liver Damage

Fast Food:  Bad For the Liver, Too     We all know that fast food is bad for our body.  When eaten in excess, fast foods weigh down our bodies, clog our arteries, spike our blood pressures and increase our chances of getting diseases like Type II diabetes.  Yet despite these troublesome truths, fast food joints remain [...]

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