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May 2024
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Tag: Exercise

Tai Chi Promotes Heart Health: Study Says

// With the varying types of diseases and conditions that occur all over the world, the best way to prevent the acquiring of such is to live healthy – eating right, exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle. A well-balanced diet is not merely enough as our body also needs to keep moving to ensure healthy [...]

Chili Peppers May Combat Extra Flab

In a recent report from Science Daily, a new study suggests that chili peppers may just be the missing key to increased weight loss.  The new study shows that  a compound in chilies called capsaicin, which also makes a chili hot to the taste, is responsible for initiating specific changes in protein. According to lead [...]

Beating Cancer Back With Exercise

According to Eleanor Walker, a division director from the Henry Ford Hospital, exercise may well be the missing ingredient in cancer care for the longest time. According to Dr. Walker, introducing exercise alongside the usual cancer care offered to patients offers both physical and psychological advantages.  It appears that exercise also reduces the side effects [...]

Your Cholesterol Levels Can Tell Doctors a Lot About You

Your cholesterol levels can tell you more than just your levels of triglycerides!  Researchers have now determined that cholesterol levels can now also report on a person’s lifestyle choices.  The Mayo Clinic Health Letter recently released their findings that a person’s level of overall health is reflected in their good and bad cholesterol levels. While [...]

Fibromyalgia is Now Linked to Weight and Obesity

A new study from Norwegian University of Science and Technology has shown that overweight and obese women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia.  This study was published in the May issue of Arthritis Care and Research. Fibromyalgia includes long-lasting pain in points including the neck, shoulder, back, hips, arms and legs.  People with this issue [...]

How Exercise Can Awaken Your Creative Genius Within

Many people look at exercise as a requirement.  They know they are supposed to exercise, but they don’t necessarily enjoy it.  As a result, many dieters find that they are forcing themselves to exercise.  On the other hand, often people who aren’t trying to lose weight skip exercising altogether.  As you know, everyone should exercise [...]

Get Rhythm!

The Impact of Music on Exercise Performance There are necessities to every workout.  Willpower?  Check.  Quality sneakers?  Absolutely.  Shirt and shorts?  Most definitely. There’s one more thing, though, that I’m convinced is a necessity:  Music. Now, this may sound absurd, the notion that you need music to exercise.  But when I say “need,” I mean [...]

I’ll See You, ICU

Exercise Benefits Even the Critically Ill “Is it all worth it?” An older gentleman friend of mine said this to me at the gym today, wondering whether all the effort he’s put in at the gym over the years will amount to anything. Joe is a bit overweight, so this is no doubt the reason [...]

Anti Antioxidant

German Study Pooh-Poohs Antioxidant Benefits There’s no news like bad news, and once again, the media have illustrated this axiomatic truth. For years, I and others in the natural health world have written about the array of benefits antioxidants provide the body.  How antioxidants neutralize free radicals, how they diminish the risk of an assortment [...]

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