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April 2021
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Your Menstrual Pains and Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine Australian researchers have recently released and published their study in the journal Cochrane Library, stating that Chinese herbs have a more beneficial effect on menstrual cramps and pain than acupuncture and prescription medications. All aspects of this research found that Chinese herbs and medicine was far superior for treating menstrual symptoms than any other form of treatment used in the past. A total of 3,475 women were involved in this study, divided into 39 trial groups for comparison and unique testing.

The women involved in these trials were given different Chinese herbs including:

· Cinnamon bark

· Angelica root

· Fennel fruit

· Licorice root

· Szechuan lovage root

· Chinese motherwort

· Nut-grass rhizome

· Red peony root

These Chinese herbs were used in the traditional methods meant to control energy and blood levels as well as improve liver and kidney functions. The researchers found that the use of Chinese herbs greatly decreased the pain associated with menstrual cycles. In one study, 53% of the women reported a significant decrease in pain and only 23% of the women receiving the placebo reported these same results.

Although there is still no scientific identification of the cause of menstrual pain, it still affects more then 50% of women at the reproductive age. Teenagers experience a much higher and more common level of pain at 80% compared to the 50%. This is just another study that advocates the use of natural remedies versus the prescription medications we have come to rely so confidently in. More and more we are beginning to see the dangers and side effects associated with these pills and prescription medications and aren’t sure what to do about it. This study is telling women everywhere what is the best option; Chinese herbal treatments.

It can be hard to know where to start with this type of new therapy treatment, but visiting a natural health food store or herbal retailer is a great place to start. Here you will have the opportunity to speak with professional naturopathies regarding the use of Chinese herbs to help reduce your menstrual pains and therefore reduce any risk you may be inviting into your body through different forms of treatment and medications. Get back to the natural side of healing and use herbs instead of pills to treat your symptoms, worry free treatment and beneficial results.

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