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June 2023
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Deathly Consequences of Epilepsy Drugs

Prescription drugs and medication warning The FDA has recently released an important and life altering statement regarding the suicidal effects some epilepsy drugs can have on their patients. The FDA states that they have been looking and comparing placebos with antiepileptic drugs since 2005 and feel that it is time to alert health care professionals of the dangers that may or may not be listed as side affects on the medication.

After reviewing 199 different studies and comparing 11 of these antiepileptic drugs to placebos they found that patients taking the antiepileptic drugs were twice as likely to commit suicide or display suicidal behaviors than patients taking placebos. With over 44,000 patients in the study, 4 of them committed suicide, in comparison none of the placebo patients had these symptoms or committed suicide. There are over half a dozen drugs that are being considered as dangerous due to these studies some including:

· Felbatol
· Carbatrol
· Neurontin
· Keppra

This is just a very small sample of the different drugs which are under close scrutiny right now due to these tests and studies which have been consistently analyzed for several years now. Over the next few months the FDA is planning on working with the drug companies to make sure that these suicidal symptoms and behaviors are on the labels and health care professionals are aware of these risks. Family, friends and health care professionals should keep a close eye on anyone taking antiepileptic drugs as their behavior can change and this is the first warning sign that should not be missed.

If you are someone suffering from epilepsy and are perhaps looking for a more natural solution to ease your symptoms and pain, there are many natural therapies available, which have been proved successful. Simple remedies such as improving your sleeping habits and developing a low in fat and high in nutritious diet can help reduce the risk of seizures on a day to day basis.

Yoga is a form of relaxation and exercise that can help as well through regular practice of 1-2 hours per week. This natural remedy can help reduce any stress and create a new level of consciousness to help you cope with epilepsy on a real and natural level.

Fish oil has also been proven through numerous studies to help reduce the symptoms of epilepsy through adequate supplementation. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish oil and this is the prime natural ingredient that can reduce the protein build-up on the brain and therefore help reduce regular seizures.

Choosing to take these natural remedies is your decision, but it is always wise to meet and consult with a naturopathic doctor before taking or trying any of these natural remedies as they may interfere with your current medications.

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