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June 2024
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Big Pharma Currently Working on a Smokeable Version of Drug

Folks, now I have seen it all!

A California-based pharmaceutical company is currently developing smokeable drugs. In an effort to deliver fast results, they are producing drugs that that can be smoked like cigarettes.

Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University, says:

“It’s a useful mode of delivery, though its desirability and frequency of prescription will depend on the disorder.”

The company responsible for the development of this “pharma-crack” as I like to call it is Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc. Their agenda includes manufacturing drugs that can be inhaled for the treatment of pain, anxiety and schizophrenia-induced agitation. Inhalable drugs have been produced in the past from other companies but what separates these is that they are “smokeable”.

Because this type of medicine passes through the lungs and into the blood within seconds, drugs that can be inhaled act more rapidly than pills, which have to be digested and absorbed. The process by which Alexza will produce these drugs consist of heating liquid drugs to create a vapor. Another fact that makes this idea different is that the company plans on creating a portable device which will allow patients to carry their smokable med’s wherever they go. Right now, Alexza is testing a hip-flask-sized, battery-powered package.

The company is testing a smokeable version of nausea medicine called prochlorperazine. Thomas King, the company’s CEO says they also hope to announce the formation of a new partnership with a big pharmaceutical company to start developing another drug by years end.

This is pure insanity if you ask me. Aside from making billions off of chemicals in a bottle being sold to a fear driven market, Big Pharma is now putting the wheels in motion to produce smoke able chemicals.

I wonder where the FDA stands in all of this? They’re probably too busy trying to ban a natural supplement for false claims to worry about people lighting and smoking prescription chemicals. Why not just put this stuff on the street so people can get it as fast as possible without having to wait for a prescription from doctor?

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Comment from S.Bowman
Time February 11, 2007 at 3:05 pm

Oh, goodie….now we get to have even more folks coughing and hacking, and spitting their guts out on the sidewalks and everywhere else as they develop emphysema from smoking. Doesn’t matter whether it’s drugs by prescription or their regular trash cigarettes, smoking damages the lungs. Does anyone care? We can do without the air and other pollution, thanks.

Who are these idiots playing games with people’s lives? We should concoct the most nauseating, disgusting tasting cigarette and condemn each one of these ‘legalized’ drug pushers to smoking a pack a day of them (in an enclosed phone booth sized space so others aren’t exposed) and see how quickly they’d change their tune.

I’m sitting here with only 30% of my lung capacity left because of other people’s smoking so you’ll pardon me if I get just a bit tired of all the ‘make peace at any price’ and ‘live and let live’ folks out there. Where’s MY right to life and breath? Apparently my rights don’t count?

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