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July 2024
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Harmful Drug used to Stop Smoking

Smoking Millions of people today are smokers and for those of you trying to find the right resources to help you quit smoking, may already be aware that many of the drugs available can be quite dangerous to your health. Recently the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory to alert not only the consumers but health care professionals as well regarding the new safety warnings in relation to Chantix, a new prescription drug to help people stop smoking.

The FDA is discovering the more they investigate this prescription drug, the more they are finding different and serious health problems such as a distinct relationship between the drug and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms. With light of these findings the FDA is working hard with Pfizer, the manufacturing pharmaceutical giant to make sure all these health risks are clearly included on the prescription pamphlet as well as the label itself. Warnings that include:

Patients should tell their health care professionals about previous psychiatric illnesses or symptoms of the past because Chantix can bring back these symptoms.

Health care professionals, family and friends should monitor the patient using Chantix very carefully as mood and behavioral change can bring out suicidal thinking and actions.

Patients need to immediately report any changes in mood or behaviour to their doctor.

Vivid and unusual dreams can occur while taking Chantix.

Patients taking Chantix may experience impairment for driving or operating heavy machinery.

These are the warnings the FDA are putting on Chantix and they can be very dangerous for anyone’s health. There is no need to continue on this vicious drug cycle and risk your health when there are so many different and natural therapies that have been proven effective to help you quit smoking.

Acupuncture is one of the most common natural therapies and perhaps the most successful in helping people quit smoking. The needles used are about hair thin and they are inserted into key points of your ear for about 20 minutes. By doing this on a regular basis you will find a great deal of relief from your addiction and the strength to quit without adding more drugs to your life such as Chantix.

Ginseng and Lobelia are herbs that help fight the addiction and withdrawal of nicotine. By taking both of these herbs as a supplement by the guidance of a naturopathic professional you will feel less symptoms of withdrawal and therefore a more natural will to quit without the health risks and dangers prescription drugs can give you.

Quit smoking the natural way with herbal remedies such as this and therapies like acupuncture and avoid yet another risk of addiction.

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