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February 2023
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Dangers of Diabetes Drugs

Cancer Cell Thousands of people suffering from diabetes use the drug Regranex gel to help prevent and treat serious leg and foot ulcers related to their severe case of diabetes. The FDA has recently released a warning on Regranex gel in regards to recent studies which have found a 5-fold higher risk of dying of cancer in patients using this drug. The FDA has asked the creator of Regranex gel, a division of Johnson & Johnson to put a Black Box warning label on this product. This is the highest level warning the FDA can release. Even with
this strong warning, the FDA still is advising health care professionals to weigh the benefits and the risks before prescribing this medication to anyone, especially those with common malignancies.

The FDA completed its own research study that concludes the increased risk of death by cancer in patients who use at least 3 tubes of Regranex gel was five times greater than within diabetes patients who did not use this drug. This study is based on four cases of cancer as a result of this drug but this is more than enough to warrant a Black Box warning label and advisories for anyone with diabetes. Regranex gel has been a successful resource for diabetics in the past to help speed up the healing of wounds that would generally take months if they would heal at all. Today, however the FDA has consulted with many studies in relation to the long term effects of this diabetic drug and is severely warning not only patients but health care professionals as well.

The key to Regranex gel is that it increases the speed of cell reproduction and consequently there are fears that this increase of cell production may in turn increase the speed of cancer cells. There is no consequential evidence that Regranex gel causes new cancers but on the other hand there is no evidence that it does not. With this being said, for anyone who currently does not suffer from diabetes, there are many natural ways you can keep it this way and avoid having to use this type of harmful drug altogether.

  • Physical activity is by far one of the most effective ways to prevent diabetes. Be sure to get an adequate amount of exercise daily 
  • Garlic decreases your blood sugar levels and stabilizes the blood levels overall.
  • A Zinc deficiency has been associated with diabetes and in order to avoid this make sure to take 50-80 mg of Zinc per day.
  • Coenzyme Q10 improves your blood circulation.
  • Magnesium can be taken in dosages of 750 mg daily and is meant to stabilize your pH levels and increase your energy.
  • Vitamin A is an important antioxidant needed to maintain overall health.

Natural supplementation is a great way to help decrease your risk of diabetes and eliminate the unnecessary risk associated with many of the diabetic medications on the market today. By maintaining your health from a day-to-day basis you are making a conscious effort to avoid these types of life long conditions.

Consider the foods you eat and the nutrients you consume to make sure you are getting enough of all the vitamins and nutrients to keep your immune system strong. Visit your doctor today to learn more about your vitamin levels to learn if you are deficient of Zinc or any other essential nutrients. Take the precautions to eliminate the risk of diabetes today.

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