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September 2023
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Chinese Medicine to Prevent Sarcoma

Green Tea For centuries green tea and reishi mushroom have been used for medicinal purposes throughout Chinese medicine for longer life, health and as treatment for many different specific conditions. Most recently more evidence has been released that these two ingredients have the power to enhance your body’s immune function as well as prevent certain types of cancer. Now Chinese scientists have discovered a new form of medical treatment that combining the active ingredients of the mushroom with the tea, creates synergetic effects that can actually inhibit the growth of tumors and delay the time of death in the mice with Sarcoma.

These two successful studies were presented to the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics in San Diego this year. Although reishi is generally hard to find because they grow in the damp mountain areas of the world that have little to no sunlight, just like green tea today these medicinal plants are being manufactured as extracts for nutritional value. ReishiMax is one of the products sold to the public today and scientists have been experimenting with this component only to find numerous active ingredients inside the mushroom once it has been cut open like this.

In the first study a group of mice were injected with the Sarcoma cells and then divided into groups. Some of the groups received high, low and medium dosages of ReishiMax and green tea where one group received none. This controlled group died 28 days after the Sarcoma injections and the others lives were prolonged another 12 days in comparison.

The second study, which was designed to look towards cancer prevention instead of treatment like the first study, groups of health mice were given dosages of ReishiMax and green tea in the same manner as stated above. After given this treatment for 14 days and one group receiving no treatment, the mice were then injected with the Sarcoma cells. On the 28th day the tumors were removed from under the mice’s skin and the scientists found that the tumor weight was 45% less in weight than the mice who received no ReishiMax and green tea treatment.

Each of these Chinese herbs have dozens of different healing capabilities that have been utilized for centuries, only today are we looking back towards natural resources for medical purposes. You can find reishi mushrooms and green tea anywhere herbal and natural supplements are sold. After first speaking with a naturopathic professional who can guide and help you create a supplementation routine, you too can reap the benefits of these two herbs and do what you can to prevent different forms of cancer in your future.

The simple benefit of immune system enhancing is enough to help your body combat the conditions and diseases that are around us on a daily basis. Each of these herbs can be taken safely and should always be taken as directed. Using nature to help keep us healthy is the best way to avoid prescription drugs in the future that can only cause more side effects and conditions when natural medicine like this can do no more harm, only good.

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