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December 2023
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Benefits of Vitamin D for Tuberculosis Patients

Sunlight is a natural form of Vitamin D New and developmental research was recently released at the Society for Endocrinology BES meeting in Harrogate, that the majority of patients suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) have a Vitamin D deficiency. This new information is bringing up new questions that are related to Vitamin D and how using this fat-soluble vitamin can help not only reinforce the current Tuberculosis treatments, but also be a preventative action as well. Researchers throughout the world are taking this information and conducting their own research to develop positive results linked to Vitamin D.

Researchers in a Hospital in London have taken their current Tuberculosis patients and examined their Vitamin D levels thoroughly. Out of 158 patients, only 7% had adequate Vitamin D levels. It is too early to determine whether or not Vitamin D has the ability to prevent this disease and if in fact those with low Vitamin D levels are more at risk. More research is currently underway to establish whether Vitamin D could be the new wave of Tuberculosis treatment in the future and how its healing properties can affect this condition.

Folks, don’t be fooled into believing that the best source of Vitamin D is through milk. The most abundant source of Vitamin D is through your skin from the UV rays of the sun (D3). For those who live in climates that the sun is constantly fluctuating, it is fair to say that your Vitamin D levels also fluctuate as the sun plays a major role in your Vitamin D levels. There are many natural ways to enhance your Vitamin D levels to make sure that you do not become deficient of this essential nutrient. With sunlight being the number one source of Vitamin D you can also obtain it through different sources as well that include:

- 1 Tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil per day
- Salmon
- Tuna
- Sardines
- Sweet potatoes
- Oatmeal
- Dandelion greens
- Herbs such as parsley and alfalfa

Vitamin D is essential in the prevention and treatment of many conditions so it’s important to make sure you have an adequate level for your age and health. A vitamin deficiency can be quite serious and in many cases opens the gates for more harmful and life threatening diseases that are difficult to be stopped once the gate is open. Tuberculosis is a condition that is life long and Vitamin D has many different healing properties that can possibly attribute to this condition to either lessen the symptoms and prevent fast escalation of the condition or be the tool to prevent it altogether.

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