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February 2024
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Vitamin C May Reduce Risks of Stroke

Vitamin C from oranges A European based study has recently been released stating that increased intake of Vitamin C along with large dosages of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis offered significant benefits to the men and women of this study. Strokes occur when blood clots or an artery bursts in the brain, which therefore interrupts the blood flow to the brain. According to the Stroke Alliance of Europe, about 575,000 deaths are related to stroke in Europe every year. In the USA, a person will experience a stroke every 45 seconds according to the American Stroke Association. Both of these statistics are out of control.

This study found that the patients with higher blood level of vitamin C were 42% less likely to have a stroke than the patients with lower levels of vitamin C in their blood. During their study they monitored these patients for 9.5 years and witnessed 448 strokes. This study states that whether you are taking a vitamin C supplement or eating the proper foods to get your vitamin C intake up, the results are near the same.

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

There are so many different benefits when it comes to daily intake of vitamin C and the proper dosages which can achieve the benefits you are looking for. The current RDA of Vitamin C is 90mg and that’s¬†just ridiculous! This is not nearly enough vitamin C to experience any health benefits. I personally¬†consume¬†daily doses totaling at least¬†3,000mg of vitamin C to simply maintain good health.¬†I spread it throughout the day evenly, which consists¬†of partly supplements and partly dietary choices.

Vitamin C has many different benefits that we may not even realize anymore. Benefits such as a healing aid for viruses, aids in the formation of liver bile and basically does everything it can to keep you healthy as well as your immune system. These are simple healing aids but ones everyone needs to remain healthy on a day to day basis. To further use vitamin C as a healing aid for preventing stroke a higher daily intake is needed and this can be done very easily.

Bioflavonoid is the natural pigment in fruits and vegetables and a very important supplement which must be taken in collaboration with your vitamin C. It is important to note there are many reports that suggest that vitamin C needs bioflavonoid in order to deliver the results it has on a person’s health and their immune system. You will find that you are getting the natural amount of both when eating fruits and vegetables but if you choose a supplement rely on a naturopathic doctor to help you find the best of both for you and your health.

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Comment from stuartlubin
Time January 21, 2008 at 8:54 pm

This is such good news that a supplement is nearly as effective as the actual food itself. The RDA is something that the medical doctors rely on, and not only in Vitamin C, but also with other RDAs, those small amounts do not achieve the results that large amounts have brought in the actual trials. The traditionals are not afraid of plying you with all sorts of drugs, of which there are many side effects, but go over the RDA, and you are taking your life in your hands, according to them.

I am going to continue to strengthen my capillaries and other blood vessels with ever so much more Vitamin C, as well as bioflavonoids. I also believe that very high doses of Vitamin C act as chelating agents to clean out the inner walls of our arteries. If you rely on the medical establishment, they may make you better from an immediate illness, but the long term effects of allopathy will surely kill us all.

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