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June 2024
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Benefits of Vitamin D for Heart Disease

Sunlight Vitamin D deficiency has most commonly been associated with symptoms such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, mineralization of the bone and more. Today, studies have been released that are now stating a deficiency of Vitamin D levels can actually cause different types of cardiovascular diseases. The more Vitamin D in your system the less you have to worry about these diseases listed above as Vitamin D is your best protection against cardiovascular problems in the future.

Boston researchers conducted a research project on their findings from the Framingham Offspring study. The volunteers of this study were analyzed from 1996-2001 with 4 times a year medical exams to keep updated on their health before and during the study. The average age of the participants was 59 years old and 55% of them were women. The average follow-up period was 5.4 years and during this time 120 participants had their first cardiovascular event.

The results of this study showed that participants with low levels of Vitamin D were 1.62 more likely to experience cardiovascular diseases than those with higher levels of Vitamin D. This study actually showed that no other factors such as age, gender or diabetes modified the association between low Vitamin D and cardiovascular diseases. This shows you that there is very little doubt that the lower Vitamin D participants will experience cardiovascular problems in the future.

This makes it that much more important to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D in your body to protect yourself from such life threatening diseases and the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. You can also receive a solid amount of Vitamin D through cod liver oil or supplements but these are not nearly as effective as the sunlight. Hopefully, this study will make people realize that more sunlight is necessary in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases that Vitamin D deficiency can cause when it reaches extreme lows.

Although UVB sunlight is known for causing sunburns it is also the number one source which helps create Vitamin D production in the skin. UVB light triggers a modification of a cholesterol molecule located in the membrane of skin cells. The vitamin D created is then ejected from the membrane into the circulation system, where it travels to the liver. This is the cycle which literally can save you from cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Next time you go to the beach skip the sunscreen (which is loaded with synthetic cancer-causing compounds) and be sure to intake a high amount of antioxidants instead, which is your safest option to stay protected against sunburn and skin cancer. With that said, enjoy the sunlight as it can save your life in the long run!

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