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December 2023
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New Study Shows That Cancer Drug Causes Heart Damage in 28 Percent of Patients…

A study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has found that the cancer drug Herceptin, sometimes called Trastuzumab causes heart damage in 28 percent of its users.

Researchers from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center studied 173 patients with advanced breast cancer who had been taking the cancer drug for a year. All patients in the study received an initial cardiac assessment and were followed for 32 months.

The researchers concluded that 49 of the patients suffered some form of heart damage while taking Herceptin and most patients experienced damage that could lead to heart failure. One woman had a cardiac-related death. Also, 31 of those patients suffered heart damage while taking only Herceptin, while the other 18 were taking the drug combined with chemotherapy.

Heart function improved in 46 of the 49 patients with heart damage when Herceptin treatment was stopped and ACE inhibitors or beta-blockers were started.


Folks, this is 28 percent too many if you ask me. This is how the vicious drug cycle goes. One drug is stopped and another is started to treat the nasty and sometimes deadly side effects of the previous drug.

Breast cancer is a potentially fatal disease that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, lifestyle changes are ESSENTIAL to extend your life span.  You MUST completely remove red meats and dairy products from your diet and also avoid alcohol, tobacco and sugar. I also cannot stress the importance of exercise, which oxygenates the body. Walk a MINIMUM of four times a week. Also talk with your healthcare practitioner about supplementing with Coenzyme Q10, which can help stop tumor growth.

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