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December 2022
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Frank Mangano Introduces Natural Health Insiders

Frank Mangano, Consumer Health Advocate There’s an old saying that goes “Within every misfortune, lies a seed of equal or greater opportunity.” My story, which many of you know and some of you may not is a true testament to that statement.    

A few years back my mother was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Her doctor insisted that taking prescription drugs was her only hope for a resolution. I had heard horror stories about the side effects and toxic impact that prescription meds of any kind can have on a person. Knowing how harmful prescription drugs are, I set out on a journey consisting of extensive research to see if there

was a way she could achieve the same health benefits of lowered cholesterol levels without the use of harmful medications.

What I discovered was not only a seed of greater opportunity but a whole new world of life preserving information, which eventually manifested into a passionate mission for which I look forward to continuing every single day.

Aside from discovering how to lower cholesterol naturally, I discovered ways to lower high blood pressure and treat, prevent and even possibly reverse Alzheimer’s disease as well.

My journey toward finding ways to enhance one’s level of health safely and naturally has now been brought to many places. I have discovered countless, natural ways to treat & prevent illnesses, ailments, diseases, conditions and infections all without the use of harmful medications.

Natural Health on the Web serves as your most comprehensive source for all of the information which I have unraveled throughout the years. Aside from that, it is a representation of my mission in its purest form. My mission will continue to be fulfilled each day through Natural Health on the Web as free, life-preserving information will continue to be added to the site.

As with everything else in life, improvement should be a constant goal and I have now figured out a way to further improve my mission and your level of awareness when it comes to natural health. As dedicated and passionate about delivering natural methods of achieving optimal health, I am only one person.
The only possible way to increase the amount and level of importance of the information that I deliver, is to incorporate the efforts of multiple people.

With that said, I’m Introducing Natural Health Insiders; your most compressive source of exclusive, privileged information that may save your life, let alone enhance it.

In a nutshell, I have brought a team of scrupulous, persistent and knowledgeable researchers on board whose job description is to substantially increase the volume and timeliness of the information we deliver.

Simply put, my goal is to:

- Deliver newer information

- Deliver more information

- Increase the speed at which that information is delivered

- Expose deception that results in people’s health being jeopardized

- Thoroughly research and test products that I personally use and tell you exactly where you can find them

As a member of Natural Health Insiders, here’s what you can eagerly look forward to receiving every single month:

- A brand new, exclusive, ready to download report each and every month!

- Additional bonus reports, expert interviews and audios will be added as we gain access to them!

- Unlimited e-mail consultations so I can answer any and all questions you have on reaching an optimal level of health!

- A 50% Discount on ALL of my books!

I truly believe that this movement is a crucial step in the growing process of enhancing levels of health. Become a member today and receive your first report, which will expose any and all forms of deception surrounding the food industry:

Click Here To Visit The Natural Health Insiders Homepage

Wishing you the best of health,

Frank Mangano, Consumer Health Advocate

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