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October 2019
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Med School Doing A Big Injustice To Students…

Very recently, I began taking notice to a number of stories involving doctors being shocked at the results that their patients are achieving by simply changing their diets rather than using prescription medications. I recognized how harmful and sometimes useless prescription med’s can be as well as how effective and safe nature’s remedies can be along time ago.

It seems now however, that I’m noticing the reactions of some medical doctors with regard to their patients improving their health naturally.

This all goes back to my theory on medical doctor’s and prescription medications. Many people think I hate doctors. That’s actually not the case. I happen to think many doctors are genuinely nice people who began studying medicine with the hope of changing and saving lives.

Ignorance however, is something I have little tolerance for, especially when it comes to people’s health.

Back to my point. Medical doctors spend years in school learning about countless areas of science, medicine, the body, sickness, etc. One area of training that is often non-existent in medical school is the healing power of foods, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. In fact, I’ll venture to say that most doctors have no more nutritional knowledge than the average person who has never studied nutrition.

Here’s a fact you may not know. While there are exceptions in certain schools, in America, Canada, most of Europe and even Australia, virtually no requirement that doctors learn nutrition before they receive medical licenses and begin to practice medicine exists.

Think about this for a second. In most areas of our lives, when we have a problem, we typically try the easiest, safest, least extreme way to fix it. If that doesn’t work, we may try something else until we eventually fix the problem.

Why should the same principles not apply to illness? There are hundred’s of easy, non-extreme ways to cure ailments naturally and safely with no harmful side effects. Yet doctors completely side step all that information and instead utilize methods that are more dangerous and extreme. I find that to be not only flat out crazy but ignorant as well.

Statin drugs, for example. This stuff is poison. Yet most doctors will tell people with high cholesterol that these chemicals are their only hope in lowering cholesterol. What’s worse is in many cases, doctors tell people they need to be on this stuff for the rest of their lives. I beg to differ…Lower cholesterol naturally

Here’s the harsh reality, statin drugs mean Big Money to the Big Pharma and unfortunately, for the monopoly that currently exists between the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA to stay alive, doctors will continue to finish medical school with almost no knowledge about nutritional healing and continue to shove chemicals in people’s bodies. 

The fact is that any disease, condition, ailment or infection that nature created, nature also has a cure for. You just have to open your eyes a little bit. And at certain times (like when your doctor is telling you the only hope for help is drugs) close your ears a little bit.

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