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December 2022
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Food Combining Offers Miraculous Health Benefits, Research Reveals

A study published in the January 15, 2004 issue of Cancer Research Magazine has revealed the power of combining certain foods for health enhancement. Researchers found that a powerful, synergistic shield against cancer can be achieved by eating a combination of broccoli and tomatoes together as opposed to separately where such an effect could not be achieved. Simply eating broccoli and taking lycopene supplements (an extract from tomatoes) would not produce the effect either. The only way to achieve this anti-cancer effect is by eating the whole foods in combination.

This says a lot about studies that look at isolated nutrients like lycopene and rarely show impressive results. Reason being is this. First off, at the helm of those studies are organizations with the goal of disproving the value of healthy nutrition in mind. Why? To hoodwink people into believing that prescription drugs are the only way to treat & prevent conditions such as cancer. By simply testing one isolated nutrient from any vegetable the result will be the one which they desire, ineffectiveness. And so comes the publications about how useless insolated nutrients were in these studies and how the only real way to treat & prevent disease is through drug treatments.

In reality however, that’s like publishing a report on a car based on the results of tests ran solely how the engine works without any other components.¬† For the results to reflect accurate information, the car should be evaluated when all components are working together synergistically as no car can function normally without all parts doing so.

The same is true of phytonutrients. First, they are never isolated. Rather they are always found in a full spectrum across a variety of foods. By eating one tomato, you’re eating hundreds (if not thousands) of protective phytochemicals that help prevent chronic diseases like prostate cancer, not just lycopene by itself.

Once a synergistic food like broccoli for example is added to the same meal, an even stronger health effect becomes evident. In case you’re wondering how string this effect is, let’s go to the research. The research indicated that eating broccoli and tomatoes together far surpassed the effects of the most popular prostate cancer prescription drug on the market. Now that’s an applaudable effect!

The bottom line is this. Achieving the highest level of optimal health is not about taking isolated nutritional supplements or turning to prescription meds. It’s about eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every single day.

Once you start adding super foods to the mix, the effects are even more staggering. These super foods include any kind of sprouts, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass, which can be picked up at your local health food store for far less than you would pay for any prescription drugs.

My advice is to¬†consume as much broccoli and tomatoes as you can. They are powerful anti-cancer foods in every sense of the word. And combining them offers an effect that can’t be achieved by eating them alone.

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