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June 2022
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Forceful Methods Used to Push Toxic Vaccines on Children

On January 22, 2007 nearly 3,000 students were sent home from schools in Maryland for failing to get required vaccines. What’s even more disturbing is that to comply with state vaccination laws, officials are considering pursuing legal action against the parents’ of the children.

According to the law, January 2 was the deadline for all students through ninth grade to be vaccinated against hepatitis B and chickenpox. Approximately 12,000 students have failed to comply with the new rules according to Bill Reinhard, spokesman for the Maryland Department of Education. Of that group, the students who showed up for class on January 22 were suspended from school.

Carol Mowen of Washington County Public Schools, says once a noncompliant student has been absent for ten days, “it becomes an issue of truancy,” such a situation poses an issue of liability to the parents for breaking compulsory schooling laws.

So basically, at this point parents are considered to be breaking the law because they are protecting their children from possible side effects of vaccines.

Many vaccines contain toxic substances and are highly dangerous. The process of getting vaccinated should be a choice, not a requirement of the law as far as I’m concerned. After all, this is America, land of the free.

Washington County Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction Donna Hanlin said that before taking such drastic measures as charging parents with truancy, officials are interested in discovering what could be preventing the parents from getting the children vaccinated.

What officials should do is a little bit of research and see for themselves how truly dangerous some vaccines are. The sad part is they may even already know.

Having an opinion on something is a right that everyone has no matter how ludicrous it may be.  But using methods of threat & force to get people to adhere to what you think is right is strong-arming in my opinion and should be outlawed itself.

Let’s face facts. These people aren’t engaging in criminal activity. They are simply protecting their child, which is something every parent has the right to do.

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Comment from delfi marino
Time February 7, 2007 at 8:54 pm

I live in Sydney. I know a fact extremely disturbing. Freinds of mine, have kids with autism and the desease came out after little time they had the vaccination.

They blame the vaccination but no one listen to them. Even the GP said to one
mom: “Don’t be silly” . Nice isn’t?

Comment from Annemarie Fugger
Time February 8, 2007 at 2:50 pm

I live in London and my son is now 25 and my daughter 24. My daughter had a severe reaction to the second dose of the triple vaccine which here includes diptheria/whooping cough and tetanus. After that I got so scared that neither of them ever had another innoculation. We were a group of families who in the 80ies decided against any further vaccinations. And yes they did have many of the childhood illnesses and with mutual support we nursed them through those illnesses. I believe they have today a much stronger immune system and fewer illnesses. They have rarely taken antibiotics but we made sure that they ate a good diet to support their health. And we used homoeopathy; very effectively I might add.
I think it is outrageous to force parents to vaccinate their children. Yes, let those who feed their children on burgers and coke and trash food vaccinate their children but do not punish all parents and children for choosing a different and saner path.

Comment from delfi marino
Time February 8, 2007 at 6:58 pm

To Mrs.Annemarie Fugger.
I strongly agree with your point of view, about the abuse of forcing parents to vaccinate their kids. We must to grow stronger to counteract the established Global Power. We are humans, no puppets! Delfi

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