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October 2021
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Share Now Partnering With BIG PHARMA?

Recently, while doing some online research for new developments in alternative medicine, I came across an ad published on the homepage of that had me pretty irate to say the least. This ad was promoting Adderall, which is a prescription medication that supposedly treats a disorder called attention deficit hyperactivity. The more and more I think about the ridiculous lengths that some of these poison distributing drug companies go to in order to capitalize on unsuspecting victims, the more infuriated I get. This particular attempt to bamboozle the public had celebrity TV Pennington’s face prominently displayed and was inviting visitors to take an “ survey” which then led them to a direct link to Shire Pharmaceuticals’ ADHD question page. After seeing this ad, which promotes an amphetamine drug to children, I for one, am beginning to question the ethics of

Typically diagnosed in children who are hyperactive, have difficulty focusing, and as well as making social interactions, the condition known as ADHD affects many people world-wide. But I believe this condition can be treated naturally, without chemicals or drugs. I personally find to be one of my favorite places to shop on the web, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I saw this. I just can’t comprehend how they can take a position such as this that would basically expose our society’s children who are already bombarded with enough drugs to something like Adderall.

I then decided to write to the staff at and ask them to remove the ad. Below, is a copy of the e-mail that I sent:


To whom it may concern,

My name is Frank Mangano and I am writing to you with regard to the recent ad that was posted on the homepage promoting Adderall. I visit your site rather frequently and purchase products from quite often. I find the site to be a great resource for online shopping and consider myself a valued customer. I also consider myself a public health advocate. The primary focus of my life is researching ways for people to treat health conditions and ailments naturally without the risk and side effects associated with prescription drugs.

When I saw the ad for Adderall, I must say I was greatly disappointed.  This drug has a slew of side effects including but not limited to decreased appetite, difficulty sleeping, stomachache, weight and dependency. I urge you to please remove the ad and consider using the site as a catalyst to promote products that don’t include harmful side-effects. I too make my living on the Internet and many times I am presented with offers from different companies asking me to promote their products and/or services on my site(s) for substantial amounts of money. I realize however, what a powerful tool the Internet can be. Where else can you reach millions of people simultaneously in just a matter of seconds? Please realize that with great power, comes great responsibility. And as reputable online business owners, it is our responsibility to bring the public quality products and services without exposing them to or promoting harmful things such as prescription drugs that can cause harmful side effects.

If you truly care about the people that visit your site, please remove the ad.

I thank you for your time.


Frank Mangano,
Consumer Health Advocate

Please join me in reaching out to the people at and ask that this ad be removed! Should I receive a reply, I’ll post an update.

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Comment from Kathy Smith
Time September 22, 2006 at 11:32 am

Please, please remove the ad for Adderall. ADHD is not a disease. It can be treated naturally.

Comment from Lynn
Time September 22, 2006 at 1:05 pm

i realize that ads keep a business going. adderall has some bad side effects and i hate to see it sold to desperate parents when there are natural remedies to be tried first. thank you for your consideration.

Comment from delfi marino
Time September 23, 2006 at 11:39 pm

It’s a crime to commercialize this kind of drugs. It’ sa crime to treat our sons with Adderal. The kids need love, attention,consideration and to consume natural food and natural remedies. Say NO to the established power. In his mind there is a black future. They want us to be ZOMBI for easy manipolation.

Comment from Laurie Lacey
Time September 27, 2006 at 10:16 pm


While I recognize that companies receive a lot of operating
funds through advertisements, I don’t like to see such drugs
pushed as remedies for ADHD in children. This does nothing
to address the root cause of such problems.

All the best,

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