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February 2024
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FDA To Allow Easier Access To Experimental Drugs…

Here’s some news you may find astonishing. I personally found it downright disgraceful and just plain ludicrous.
On Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it will take steps to make experimental drugs for patients with serious diseases more accessible. That’s right, experimental drugs. That’s the a part I find to be ludicrous. All drugs have an immense amount of side effects associated with them. But at least with FDA approved drugs, people know what they are getting themselves into. They at least get to “pick their own poison”.
In this case, with the drugs in the experimental stages, it’s more like a game of Russian roulette. Come to think of it, it’s almost just as bad making buys from a drug dealer. Think about it, in both cases the drug is purchased with the hope it will work but if it and when doesn’t or even worse causes harm, the buyer’s left holding the bag.
Now for the part I find downright disgraceful. Aside from giving people in need of help access to something that will probably just make things worse for them, they will also allow pharmaceutical companies to charge patients for the unapproved medications! Which means, yet again, the conspiracy between the FDA and the “Big Pharma” is made all too clear.
This is nothing more than a way for the FDA to expand the market for pharmaceutical companies to capitalize on. Up until now, the FDA at least pretended to care about the well being of people by “approving” or “not approving” drugs accordingly. Now, it’s just a free for all.
This is nothing new actually. According to the FDA, for decades they have allowed tens of thousands of patients to get their hands on unapproved drugs to treat cancer, HIV/AIDS and heart disease. However, the guidelines for gaining access to these drugs were ambiguous and many patients were excluded.

The FDA claims they reason why they are moving forward with taking action on the above mentioned matters is to address “inequities in access” that, previously, have possibly caused people that were extremely ill to be denied experimental drugs.
“We expect that clearly articulating procedures and standards for expanded access will result in more patients with serious or immediately life-threatening diseases or conditions getting the earliest possible access to these therapies,” the FDA said.
Dr. Rachel Behrman, deputy director of the FDA’s office of medical policy, stated “We are not talking about the temporary relief of minor pain,” “We are talking about serious diseases.”
The FDA’s supporters of the decision to increase access to experimental drugs say the FDA hasn’t taken enough steps to help patients gain quick access to unapproved drugs. One supporter in particular, is Frank Burroughs of the Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs who says his daughter died in 2001 when she was unable to obtain the experimental cancer drug Erbitux.
The bottom line is this. There are safe, natural ways to effectively treat & prevent every illness, disease, infection or ailment. However, the FDA and the Big Pharmaceutical companies will have you believe otherwise. Why? Well, they are both in business to make money. And unfortunately, prescription drugs are the means in which they acquire money.
This is nothing more than a method to expand the opportunity to make more money from prescription drugs that no one even knows much about.
I think Mike Adams, author of “Take Back Your Health Power,” said it best when made this statement: “It effectively creates a loophole that allows drug companies to avoid the entire drug approval process and start treating large numbers of patients like experimental guinea pigs.”

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