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September 2023
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Mercury Dental Fillings: Groundbreaking Lawsuit

Dental Fillings Mercury is by far one of the most toxic heavy metals known in the science world. With this being said for over 100 years, the FDA and dental associations have ignored the truth about Mercury and continued to place toxic fillings in the mouths of children. What is the reason for this ignorance you may be asking yourself now? Money. Not only the FDA and the dentists themselves but also the filling manufacturers and the
entire American Dental Association are guilty of this. Finally today, the use of toxic fillings is about to stop as researchers like Charles Brown force the FDA to be accountable.

Unfortunately the reason for this large scale deceit is nothing less then financial and political motives on behalf of the FDA. This is a position they should have taken decades ago if they were practicing honesty in this field of medicine. Mercury is a heavily toxic metal and although the FDA chose to ignore this fact for many years, it is has never been false. Based on this long line of deceit over the years, the Consumers for Dental Choice teamed up with Moms Against Mercury to sue the FDA for what they have done to millions of children throughout the years.

The lawsuit was concluded one week ago. The FDA has already changed the text on their website regarding their support of Mercury fillings to a warning of its real dangers. Aside from this act they have agreed to reclassify Mercury within one year but there are no doubts this will be dragged out as long as possible. Although the new statement on the FDA’s website still uses words like “may” to make consumers think they are still not sure if their own statement is true, it is a step in the right direction.

Keep in mind that although the Moms Against Mercury won the lawsuit this does not mean that Mercury will be immediately replaced with alternative methods. It will take years to actually eliminate the use of Mercury and with this being said it is important that you as a parent understand your options. Simply speak with your dentist and you will find that there are alternatives to Mercury dental fillings and you can take advantage of them when requested. I did.

Composite fillings are the most common. They were originally marketed for people who were embarrassed by their silver fillings and looking for something more attractive; white fillings. Of course more importantly these fillings do not contain mercury and should be considered as the alternative for your children in order to avoid any neurological damage in the future. Although composite fillings are more expensive it is an investment that is more than worth it.

Millions of Americans have not even been aware there are other options at their disposal and because of this the Mercury filling industry continued to grow bigger and bigger. Now with this lawsuit in the media and parents beginning to learn the severe damages that can be done to their children, the money making industry is finally beginning to fade.

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