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December 2022
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Controversy over Inactive Herb Usage

Student with ADHD A psychiatric professional, Dr. Joseph Biederman and fellow colleagues have been working together to try and bring down the stature of the herb, St. John’s Wart. This herb has been used in a bogus study to discredit its ability to aid in children suffering from ADHD. Dr. Biederman and his cohorts have stated to the media that this herb is useless for treating children with ADHD trying to promote it as a scam in order to
therefore promote their own research. The problem with these reports is that within the study used to come to these conclusions, the active ingredients were taken out of the herb before given to the children, making it useless.

The controversy begins when you begin to understand the position of Dr. Biederman. He is not only being paid millions to promote and sell certain prescription medications from the drug companies but he also lies continuously about the money he is being paid. As you can now see the financial interests behind Dr. Biederman motives are quite strong. This is not the only study Dr. Biederman has released trying to state that the natural herbal remedies are useless and therefore promotes the use of his prescription drugs in order to continue to fill his pocket.

Aside from the fact that the herb was used within its inactive state to make sure no results were found, are these psychiatrists testing an herb on what is nothing more than a false disease? We really need to ask ouselves if ADHD is a condition created by psychiatrists in order to once again make them more money. There are no legitimate forms of testing to establish if a child has this condition and the symptoms vary greatly from child to child. This may very well be another example of the dishonesty that can be found within the medical world today and as a parent you should be aware of these facts.

Unfortunately, the medical world has become a quest for money and this means the goal to resolve health issues and save lives has been pushed to the curb. When natural remedies come to the surface, which provide no dangerous side effects and real results, the medical community wants to do nothing else then destroy the credibility. As a consumer who keeps up with the media it can be impossible to really know the truth about anything when reports are constantly written biased and you never receive the entire truth about any given subject.

This is the reason natural supplements and remedies have kept out of our reach for so many centuries. The media pushes the benefits of Western Medicine and we accept. Now is the time to take control over your health and make the decision that can change your life. By finding a naturopathic professional you can trust and count on you can then learn what natural remedies can really do without the media sales pitches to blind you.

With many different herbs and supplements at your fingertips, open your mind to a new world of healing. A world of healing that involves no dangerous side effects or unexplained deaths. Natural supplements simply heal and resolve the issue, leaving you healthier than ever before.

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