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February 2023
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Cocoa: The New Mainstream Medicine?

Unsweetened Powder Cocoa New research has just been released stating that cocoa may very soon be released as a new form of treatment for diabetics suffering from cardiovascular disease. The research study included diabetic patients who drank a highly concentrated form of cocoa every day for one month. The results could not be argued. The patient’s blood vessel function went from inadequate to completely normal. The natural 
plant compound, Flavanols are responsible for the healing properties within cocoa as well as other fruits and vegetables.

There are many different forms of cocoa available and although you may be thinking you have some in your home right now, the form used within this study is not yet being sold within supermarkets or to the public. It is important to understand that cocoa comes in many forms:

  • Raw
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Commercial cocoa drinks

Each of these forms of cocoa contains different levels of antioxidants. Commercial cocoa for instance is incredibly low in antioxidant levels and contains more sugar than other forms. This makes these commercial cocoa drinks bad for you although many people believe they are healthy. In order to receive the heart healthy benefits from cocoa, you will have to use the unsweetened powder form. By choosing to add sugar to this powder you are sure to be outweighing the health benefits with the insulin abuse tied to the sugar.

For anyone who is diabetic it is important to understand that treating your diabetes, choosing to control your weight as well as a heart condition all go together. Your diet is the first place you should begin. This means you need to severely cut and limit the amount of sugar you consume within a day. Speaking with a dietician is a great way to learn what you can and cannot eat so you are not further sabotaging your health without knowing it. Begin to exercise regularly and limit your trans fat intake as well. Paying attention to what you put into your body through diet can be difficult at first but this new form of consciousness is what can prevent heart disease.

This study is not to encourage diabetics to eat chocolate in order to prevent heart disease. Chocolate is a form of cocoa but as we stated above not the form of cocoa that can be beneficial for you. Take the time to learn the types of cocoa and it will begin to make sense of what you should and should not eat. Based on the increase of natural solutions for health you will find there are natural supplement retailers and naturopathic professionals everywhere today. With this in mind take the time to visit one and learn what natural supplements and herbs can do for you and other aspects of your health as well.

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