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February 2024
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Exposing the Truth about Unfavorable Drugs

Exposing The Truth About Drugs A recent study by a research team from the University of Oregon has brought a lot of truth to the surface regarding the truth about unfavorable drug studies. Their research shows that when drugs are tested and receive negative results, either the study is not published at all or it is re-written to sound as if the drug was successful. This is an astonishing truth that could be hurting many patients as well as doctors using these reports to give their prognosis.

Almost 1/3 of anti-depressant drug studies were not published do to their unfavorable test results, as nearly all revealed they did not work as some studies claim they have. This type of selective publication can really hurt the public which are relying on these anti-depressant drugs to help them through their depression struggle. Unfortunately, this type of secretive testing has been going on for many years as no one wants to reveal the unsuccessful results of their drugs they would much rather re-write their study to sound more favorable than it actually is.

There are literally dozens of different drug tests and reports that are either not published due to their results or were re-written to show positive results through a complicated and wordy report meant to convey different results than were actually achieved. For anyone thinking of taking an anti-depressant or looking for a way to recover from their depression you may want to consider looking into more natural remedies that are both safe and successful. Why risk taking a drug that may not even work and may cause unwanted side effects when you cannot trust the drug reports available today? This is a sad truth about Western Medicine that is now on the surface causing many patients to not only question their doctors but the medications they have been trusting for years.

For anyone suffering from depression there are many natural remedies which can be trusted and used without fear of side effects. There are many different types of herbal remedies available to help you get through your depression and the number one herb is St. John’s Wort. This is an herb extract that has been proven to be more effective than anti-depressant medications such as Prozax, Poxil and more. St. John’s Wort is not only more effective but also has fewer side effects which are two great factors to make anyone switch from their prescribed medication to a more natural resolution.

If you are looking to relieve your depression symptoms but not interested in taking drugs there are many more alternative therapies such as massage, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation, which are proven to help not only with depression symptoms but with many different issues in life. Alternative health remedies are becoming far more popular and people are beginning to see how natural remedies may be that much more effective than prescription medications and from this study they can be more trusted as well!

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