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February 2024
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Could Heart Medications Have Contributed To Tim Russert’s Death?

No to Prescription Drugs Tim Russert was an NBC commentator who died on Friday, June 13th of a heart attack. At the time he was taking prescription medications for his heart condition. Although the media is constantly reporting the cause of his death, no one is reporting the cause of the heart attack. According to the American Medical Association over 100,000 people are killed every year by FDA approved prescription medications. Unfortunately, it is rare to see any of these deaths accurately reported; instead we only hear the biological reasoning for their deaths.

This is why to date, we have only heard on the news and within the media that Tim Russert died of a heart attack. It is quite obvious that his heart was failing and the immediate failure of the organ is the cause of death. However, to look a little deeper, could the breaking point of this heart failure have been contributed by the FDA approved prescription medications he was taking to control his coronary artery disease? This is certainly a strong possibility, in my opinion. This is where it becomes important to learn that pharmaceuticals do not solve or cure heart disease, they are meant to simply control the symptoms.

No health improvements can be found with prescription medications. They superficially control your symptoms. This can be astonishing news for anyone who is relying on their pharmaceutical drugs to prevent heart attacks in their future. They simply create the illusion of health and this is the biggest problem. The illusion of health causes the person taking the medications to live as if they have no heart problems to worry about and this in turn creates more serious problems along the way.

Of course we cannot be sure just yet that the heart medications Tim Russert was taking contributed to his death. There were many other factors that could have participated in the results seen on Friday such as his diet and other health problems he may have thought were solved by his prescription drugs. Millions of Americans think this way as well and now is the time to learn how to actually control your heart disease symptoms through natural therapies that provide results, not further risk. Some beneficial alternatives to take into consideration are the following:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is used to lower your cholesterol levels naturally.

Chinese Red Yeast Rice Extract helps promote blood circulation throughout the body and regulate your cholesterol levels as well.

Coenzyme Q10 should be taken in dosages of at least 100 mg daily since statin drugs deplete Coenzyme Q10 levels in the body. This natural supplement literally improves the function of the heart muscle.

Grape Seed Extract is an antioxidant that eliminates the risk of blood clotting.

In order to maintain a regular and steady heart rhythm, an adequate amount of potassium is needed on a daily basis.

As you can see there are many different natural ways to deal with your heart disease and this is only a taste of what is out there for you to try. A naturopathic professional can help you create a healthy supplement routine to control your symptoms and strengthen your heart to prevent heart attacks in your future. It is time to stop relying on prescription medications that only mask the problem.

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