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June 2024
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Incontinence Drugs Yield Memory Problems

Dr. Jack Tsao recently led a study presenting the information he has found regarding the connection between the large $3 billion dollar a year industry of incontinence drugs and memory loss within the elderly. More times than not bowel or urinary problems are generally treated with prescription drugs, but as you’ll soon find out it is time to begin considering the natural alternatives that are safe and present no side effects.

Dr. Tsao decided to begin this research when a 73 year old patient came into his office after seeing hallucinations and losing her memory while taking the incontinence drug he had prescribed for her. Her symptoms improved when she stopped taking the drug. From here he decided to gather a group of patients and closely study their reaction to these types of drugs.

The findings of this study were released at a meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. The people who took the incontinence drugs within the study were found to have a 50% faster decline of their cognitive abilities, in comparison to those patients who didn’t take medication. Dr. Tsao and his fellow researchers took into account the age of the patients, which were all over the age of 75 years old and the link between incontinence drugs and memory loss still existed. This research study found no link between this memory loss and the onset of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, which should be noted here.

Detrol is one of the most popular medications distributed to the elderly when they are facing urinary problems and this is perhaps one of the most potent of all the incontinence drugs on the market today. Since this research report, Detrol has added the side effect and warning of memory loss to its label for safety awareness.

What we have here folks is yet another example of the grim side effects that prescription drugs can produce. If you are suffering from the loss of bladder control, there are many natural alternatives to prescription medications that can apply the same treatments without the dangerous and life altering side effects.

Calcium and magnesium are two natural minerals that when taken together in dosages of 1,500 mg for calcium and 350 mg daily for magnesium can aid in controlling the bladder’s spasms, which cause the ultimate urinary problems.

Free-form amino acid complex is a supplement that can help strengthen the overall muscle of your bladder, increasing its strength and will therefore increase its ability to fight these spasms and urges that until now could not be controlled. Take as directed.

Vitamin A is an essential component for bladder regularity and should be taken as directed. Vitamin A can aid in the complete normalizing of your bladder muscle and overall function. Take daily for best results.

These natural supplements have been used for working with incontinence issues for centuries, there is nothing new about them, except that we are only now beginning to look elsewhere for healing remedies besides Western Medicine. Take this opportunity to correct your urinary problems with a natural remedy and avoid the side effects that can take a real toll on your life.

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