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June 2021
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Natural Heart Attack Prevention Is Your Safest Option

Hospital Emergency Room When you experience a heart attack the absolute first thing you think of is calling an ambulance and getting to the hospital as soon as you can. Unfortunately, this is an option that may no longer save you as it once did. A study released in the New England Journal of Medicine states that hospitals may no longer be the safest places to be. This study states that the hospital staffs are slow to respond to cardiac arrest cases, which are increasing the risk of brain damage and death.

Unfortunately, the reaction of hospital staffs in real life are not the same as the reactions you see when you are watching ER on television and this can mean deadly consequences for anyone suffering from a heart attack. When you get defibrillation within the first 2 minues of a heart attack your chance of survival is 40%. If you get defibrillation any time after 2 minutes your chances of survival radically drops to 22%. You can see how just a few seconds and minutes can change the fate of your life. This study shows that when 6,789 cardiac arrests cases where reviewed at 369 hospitals the staff took longer than 2 minutes to respond 1/3 of the time.

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

The time of day and which day of the week you go to the hospital can make a big difference in the care you receive and the size of the hospital as well. The defibrillation tools in hospitals today require a doctor to use them and this could be part of the reason response is so slow based on the shortage of doctors. This study is actually stating that a person may have a better chance of survival if they experience a heart attack in a hotel or a casino because these establishments are using digital defibrillation tools that decide when to shock and for how long, which means anyone can use them.

The absolute best way to stay out of this situation is to do everything you can to prevent a heart attack the natural way before you enter a situation as life threatening as this. By creating a daily routine of exercise and consuming a substantial amount of vegetables in your diet, you could prevent heart problems in your future.

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural supplement which if taken daily can greatly decrease your risks of heart attacks. Although the benefits of this supplement may take several months to be seen, the results are worth it. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant which is found in virtually every cell of the body and can be a great aid to preserve Vitamin E, a powerful factor in heart health.

In regards to a large intake of vegetables in your daily diet, a study was published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006 which stated that mice fed a rich diet of vegetables daily were less likely to develop fatty deposits in their arteries. This is what can lead to heart attack and stroke and vegetables are such a natural way to avoid this terrible fate.

Take control of your future and prevent heart problems before they start by creating a healthy diet and an exercise routine to keep your heart strong.

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