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July 2024
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Reap Health Benefits from Fresh Garlic

Garlic If you love cooking Italian food it is time to learn what garlic can really do for you and the differences between fresh and bottled garlic. A new study was published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry demonstrating that fresh garlic may actually be better for you than bottled garlic. Some scientists and researchers from Japan have been analyzing the differences between fresh
garlic and the garlic which is preserved in water, vegetable oil or alcohol. Specifically they are looking at Allicin, which is the main chemical component of garlic, the component that provides the smell.

Allicin has been studied on more than one occasion due to its amazing anti-bacteria properties. Some studies have found this chemical can help fight infections and even prevent the onset of dangerous conditions such as food poisoning. The point of this research is that the chemical Allicin is quite delicate and disappears easily. Researchers are wondering whether long-term storage (bottled garlic) affects the levels of Allicin within the garlic.

The researchers within this project found that fresh garlic offers higher levels of Allicin than bottled garlic and therefore more healing and health properties to offer as well. Although the research did find that if you are going to use bottled garlic it is best to find a brand, which preserves their garlic in water versus vegetable oil. Their studies found that garlic kept in vegetable oil lost more levels of Allicin than in water. This study provides you a great deal of information so you can make a well-informed decision about the garlic you use during the creation of your recipes. Now let’s go through the health benefits of garlic to give you a better idea of what you are missing.

· Treatment of the common cold.
· The strengthening of our immune system to fight conditions such as cancer.
· Battles heart disease.
· Lowers high blood pressure.
· Anti-bacterial properties to fight infections.

This is just a small list of conditions that garlic can help to improve. If you are someone who is constantly battling high blood pressure and taking pills several times a day to control it, why not give the natural healing powers of garlic a try? The one benefit of this natural form of medication people today cannot overlook is the lack of side effects. When you choose a natural healing power like garlic there are no side effects to fear, only great results.

As far as supplementation, there’s only one garlic supplement I use and highly recommend: Kyolic by Wakunage of America. This is a high-quality organic garlic supplement, which is aged. It contains the health-boosting compound Allicin. I take 1800 mg of Kyolic every single day.

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