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June 2024
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Are Cell Phones Risky During Pregnancy?

Mother on Cell Phone with her Child A study conducted by a professor from the University Of California Los Angeles School Of Public Health, has found that the use of cell phones during your pregnancy and allowing small children to use cell phones can increase behavioral problems at an early age. The results of this study come from a survey completed by the mothers of 13,159 Danish children. These children were 7 years old at the time the survey
was conducted. The study found that children whose mothers used a cell phone during the pregnancy had a 54% higher risk of behavior problems such as emotional problems, hyperactivity, conduct problems and problems socializing with their fellow peers.

On the other hand children who use cell phones themselves increased their risk by 18%. And the combination of both types of exposure to cell phones increased the risk to an astounding 80%. During the study the researchers were surprised to find the results they did and continued with their research to find more in depth answers to their questions. Although this study simply raises the suspicion that cell phones are the cause of the rising behavioral problems in children today, mothers-to-be should be taking this information seriously. The professors and researchers within the study state that even with the mother using a cell phone during pregnancy and the child using their own cell phone, the results found within this study are rare.

There has been a great debate over this type of study for years and this is not the first one conducted searching for the dangers associated with cell phone use. The developing fetus within a pregnant mother is far more susceptible to the outside world than you may think, which is why this study has stirred up so much controversy. The wireless world has become part of our everyday life and this type of study can not only harm the children involved but also the businesses, which sell this type of technology every day. This is where the controversy begins.

As a pregnant mother or a mother of a small child, it may be in your best interest as well as theirs to limit their cell phone use. Just like any form of technology, there should be a limit on how much it is used. This includes video games, watching TV, the computer, etc. Each of these generally has a time limit on them and the cell phone should be no different. This is not the only study conducted trying to prove their theories relating to the harm cell phones can do to an unborn fetus or small children and it should not be ignored.

Although we have lived for many years now relying on the capabilities of the cell phone, during the 9 months of your pregnancy you can more than definitely live without it. It is a convenience that has been used so often that now it is taken for granted. It can take some time to get used to living without your cell phone but remember that we did not always have them and we survived. Even if the reports state the effects are rare on an unborn fetus, is this a chance you are willing to take? Be cautious and get rid of your cell phone for the sake of your new baby.

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